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Dhruin January 30th, 2012 23:51

Skyrim - Beta Patch, Creation Kit Soon
News from the Bethblog of a minor update to the Skyrim 1.4 beta - the final version should be released this week and the Creation Kit "won’t be far behind":

Update 1/30: A third beta update (1.4.21) is now available on Steam. The update features one new change:
  • Fixed bug related to hitching between cell boundaries.
We really appreciate the feedback from our Steam Beta. We anticipate the 1.4 update going live this week for all on the PC and being sent to the console manufacturers. The Creation Kit won’t be far behind.
More information.

Thrasher January 30th, 2012 23:51

I took the plunge and started playing with the beta over the weekend. Before I patched I got a game crashing bug every time I scrolled through my potion inventory. I had to turn on Steam to do a file verification, and of course,it forced the latest patches on me. Since there were few and only minor bad reports on the beta, I went all the way.

Glad to report that the performance increase is a big plus. Frame rates are now smooth as silk, and I can turn on some extra graphic eye candy, including anti-aliasing. The ATI post-processing bug seems to have been fixed.

I've seen no new bugs, but lots of old ones remain (like un-removable quest items). But the beta patch is still a great improvement. :)

kinnsy January 31st, 2012 15:45

Link doesn't work. :)


Falchor January 31st, 2012 23:59


Originally Posted by Thrasher (Post 1061124263)
But the beta patch is still a great improvement. :)

Agree… noticeable performance boost in Markarth.

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