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Drithius February 6th, 2012 21:36

New GW2 preview.. overview
While it's labeled a preview, this article is more of an overview containing previously known facts. Still, for someone who has followed the game's development for so long, it further stokes the fire of anticipation.

Following up on the first game's copious amount of skills:

Mixing and matching skills for your character promises to be an art of its own, but when combining players’ moves and abilities for cross-profession combos, real strategy enters the equation.

If a warrior whirls through a wall of fire laid down by an elementalist, he swiftly becomes a spinning juggernaut of flame and steel. With eight professions and access to uncountable personally tailored skill sets, the number of possible combos is set to be massive.

Further in line with their mission to turn the MMORPG world upside down, ArenaNet have chosen to place the legendary ‘holy trinity’ curbside. Requiring players to choose to be either a tank, healer or damage dealer was too limiting in their eyes, and they have given all professions the ability to heal themselves and others. Healing, defence and damage can be enhanced through skills, items, etc. by all players, regardless of profession.

azarhal February 6th, 2012 22:29

You want to wait for Febuary 20th at 6am PST for news on GW2. That's when the press beta embargo ends.

Although, overview are always nice too. :)

lostforever February 13th, 2012 16:38

I thought beta is in March?

azarhal February 22nd, 2012 19:35


Originally Posted by lostforever (Post 1061127031)
I thought beta is in March?

Press Beta was in February…and generated a lots of videos/articles.

lostforever February 22nd, 2012 19:43

I like the look and the combat in this game but I am not PvP person.

So far I found no information about PvE Progression in this game once you got max level.

What are you supposed to do after you finished your personal story? Gear doesn't matter in this game and apparently harder dungeons will only give you appearance gear.

What does this game going to offer to PvE players? Anyone here knows or most people are after this game for the PvP?

Drithius February 22nd, 2012 20:13

GW1 is still ongoing to this day (both pve and pvp) and its level cap can be reached within a few days. Not every game has to be about stats ;)

Fans of GW1 would be sorely disappointed if they turn the sequel into a EQ/WOW grindfest.

redman5427 February 22nd, 2012 21:28

beta signups are up! Everyone has 48 hrs to sign up

redman5427 February 22nd, 2012 21:41


GW1 is still ongoing to this day (both pve and pvp) and its level cap can be reached within a few days. Not every game has to be about stats
Not only did they release paid expansions with more PVE for GW 1, they also released 3 free content packs. I still play it from time to time today. Some of the stuff in it is a bit grindy to be truthful.

Drithius February 22nd, 2012 22:29

New Gamespot podcast as well: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wSoYW…ayer_embedded#!

A little forewarning, the guys are pretty clueless, but there's at least a lot of gameplay footage.

redman5427 February 22nd, 2012 22:52

the press beta must have gone well
I hope they do the beta weekends like they did on GW1, that was a fun time

And I got my e-mail that application was accepted-that was fast

Thrasher February 22nd, 2012 22:59

Where is the beta signup?

redman5427 February 22nd, 2012 23:02


Thrasher February 22nd, 2012 23:04

Thanks. We'll see if they care about 32-bit XP machines. ;)

redman5427 February 22nd, 2012 23:42


Will I need Vista/Windows7 and DirectX 10 to play?

No, but DirectX 10 will be supported.[9]
Think you are good Thrasher

wolfgrimdark February 23rd, 2012 00:53

I signed up. Currently playing RIFT and SWTOR but SWTOR I suspect will not hold my interest once I finish my storyline. GW2, in some ways, reads like a mix of some of the best aspects of RIFT and SWTOR combined. I am also not big on giving my money to EA/Bioware these days if I can help it.

I have mixed feelings on beta anyhow so fine with not being selected if that happens. I like the excitement of trying something out early … but it can also spoil the game a bit when it comes out live.

Still it would be fun to experiment a little. I am pretty sure I will be Human or Norn, and probably a Ranger or Rogue.

redman5427 February 23rd, 2012 00:57

Maybe we can get some kind of Watch guild going

Thrasher February 23rd, 2012 01:25

Let's see how much we like it, and then take it from there!

lostforever February 24th, 2012 17:49


Originally Posted by Drithius (Post 1061128669)
GW1 is still ongoing to this day (both pve and pvp) and its level cap can be reached within a few days. Not every game has to be about stats ;)

Fans of GW1 would be sorely disappointed if they turn the sequel into a EQ/WOW grindfest.

Well its fine if they don't want to go down the gear/stats progression line. Not all games have to be the same.

However GW1 had lot of grind for the PvE player. I will say it had the same amount of grind as WoW. Once a PVE player reached level 20 what did they do in game? They did crap load of grinding :)

Every MMO out there has lot grind so I don't think you can use grind as a argument against MMOs.

Progressing my character is a great motivation for me to play MMO hence I look for any form of character progression.

Drithius February 28th, 2012 00:32

You're seriously comparing 'gated' WoW gear grind to people running dungeons in Guild Wars for cosmetic equipment? No comment.

1 million beta signups for GW2: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=…type=2&theater

Good luck to us all on getting picked - we'll need it. Perhaps they'll cross-reference emails with GW1 accounts *crossed fingers*

Thrasher February 28th, 2012 00:34

I'm still waiting, and getting a little miffed. :/ ;)

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