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mcolton February 17th, 2012 14:21

Walkthrough not working
I've been following the walkthru from the start. I left Faring and was headed to the Monastery. I never found any bridges, Sivert, Kerth, big house or teleporter stone.
I did finally find the Monastery.
I can't read the Chronicles of Dominance, Milton is nowhere to be found, Kilian won't talk to me.
What have I done wrong

JonNik February 20th, 2012 08:30

Well I haven't really looked into any of the walkthroughs but I guess they were made for the vanilla game and the CP team (I assume you are playing with CP 1.74) has made a few changes.

One would be that you cannot read the Chronicles of dominance before starting a relevant quest. Now here my memory is failing me a bit but is Killian the warrior guarding the path to the "inner sanctum" were Milten is supposed to be ? (Milten is always in that cave and never outside in the Monastery). If so the try talking to Pyran and all the other Firemages first (Altus etc) before trying to talk again to Killian (He is supposed to let you go through so you can talk to Milten)…

Shepard_the_3rd February 20th, 2012 23:26

I don't know if this helping in this case, but I just discovered that a companion can screw up some things. Cyrus was with me and I tried to talk with Jack at the big tower at the coast. Jack attacked us immediately. Same thing with a robbed merchant on the road to Ardea.
If I am alone Jack and the merchant talk normal to me. So, I ask Cyrus to wait just out of sight and this trick works fine.

Zaleukos February 20th, 2012 23:30

It seems like you missed the Fireclan (?) camp, that's where Sivert, Kerth and friends are IIRC. It's up a hill that you reach if you backtrack down the slope that heads up to the monastery.

Nordmar is a maze that often has crap weather, so it is very easy to miss locations there.

As for the chronicles you might need to do some other stuffs to trigger them, I'm not sure.

As for Milten: That could in the worst case scenario be a bug, sometimes he takes forever to walk there. I've had that happen to me (he hadnt reached his destination after 75 in-game days).

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