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TheMadGamer February 18th, 2012 01:02

RPGWatch Web Page Settings Problem
For some reason my browser (IE 9) no longer will remember the 'Dark' setting when I visit RPGWatch. I don't have problems with settings on other websites. Any suggestions why this has happened and how I can fix it? The 'Dark' setting is so much easier on my eyes.

Pladio February 20th, 2012 20:32

Make sure cookies are enabled and you don't have them as auto-erase or something after a set amount of time.
It sometimes seems to just autoreset for me too. After clicking on it a few times, it usually goes back to normal.

Try a different browser to see if it actually is browser-limited or does it for everything.

Report back :)

Gorath February 20th, 2012 20:40

Post this in the RPGWatch forum.

TheMadGamer February 29th, 2012 00:56

It's not the cookies. I tested using this site with Chrome and the setting is 'remembered.' I'm really stumped. I expected the problem to be with the cookies.

Alrik Fassbauer February 29th, 2012 13:29

Clear the cache. Sometimes weird things happen.
I had some problems here with the Opera browser. Then I cleared its cache. The problems were gone afterwards.

TheMadGamer March 7th, 2012 02:51

I'm not sure how to clear the cache with IE? Do you mean to delete the browsing history?

Gorath March 7th, 2012 11:41

Somewhere on the first tab in the internet options menu is a button to delete the internet history. It can be configured. Make sure to delete the cookies too.

Or do the real thing: Download CCleaner and have it clean your whole system. It's amazing how much crap this little program finds, but you have to take the time to tell it what to clean before you run it the first time. Very useful, but you have to be aware the stuff it kills is gone for good. No chance to change your mind.
If you've never used such a program you should learn to use it. I bet it finds 10 GB of rubbish, especially old system restore points (-> hidden in a different menu in CCleaner).

TheMadGamer March 8th, 2012 18:59

Thanks Gorath. I'll check out CCleaner and give it a shot!

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