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Dhruin February 18th, 2012 02:49

Risen 2 - Beta Testing Soon
World of Risen has news the early-access "beta test" for Risen 2 is coming very soon:

Buyers of the Collector’s Edition of Risen 1 might remember that an access code for a “beta test” for the next game by Piranha Bytes was part of that box.

This “beta test” is now entering its next stage. Those who registered their code with Deep Silver received an e-mail today in which Deep Silver announced that the “beta test” will take place from February, 20th to March, 2nd. The e-mail recipients are asked to register again on the website betatest.risen2.com with their personal access code.
More information.

Moriendor February 18th, 2012 02:49

Well, thanks to someone screwing up something somewhere some people including myself were able to play the beta as of today (Friday) instead of Monday :) .
They sent out the codes today for people to be able to pre-load over the weekend but for some reason the game was actually playable after the download had finished.
I believe that this "beta" is what they are going to release as the demo eventually since it is quite limited. With the exception of some more random exploration I basically finished the beta in four hours (and it could be done much faster if you'd just do the quests without any side-tracking but that would kind of defeat the whole purpose of a PB game…).

There's an NDA so let me put my impressions this way:

- First: :| and :disappointed:
- Then: :)
- And finally: :thumbsup:

Dhruin February 18th, 2012 02:59

Sweet - thanks, Mo!

KapitanUnterhosen February 18th, 2012 04:11

Two months to go, they better be quick about polishing up the animations especially combat feedback or it won't sell abroad. First impressions and all that.

JDR13 February 18th, 2012 07:03

*Sigh*… I hate you, Moriendor.

JonNik February 18th, 2012 07:32


Originally Posted by JDR13 (Post 1061127905)
*Sigh*… I hate you, Moriendor.

Yeah, but this:


Originally Posted by Moriendor (Post 1061127877)
put my impressions this way:

- First: :| and :disappointed:
- Then: :)
- And finally: :thumbsup:

makes me forgive him; So, many thanks Moriendor :)

(Edit) A quick question if Moriendor can answer: How is the music on this one? Does it stand up to the predecessors on this area or do I have to mod the pirate theme from NOTR into the game ? ;)

booboo February 18th, 2012 08:29

I'm not that keen on pirate themed games, but the footage I saw looked great - esp with the monkey and parrot ;) I'm really looking forward to this

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