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Dhruin February 23rd, 2012 16:45

Wasteland 2 - Alan Pavlish Joins the Team
I get the feeling Wasteland 2 is finding some momentum with Brian Fargo tweeting that the original Wasteland programmer, Alan Pavlish, has joined the team:

More good #Wasteland news! The original producer, programmer and designer Alan Pavlish has also joined the team.
More information.

killias2 February 23rd, 2012 16:45

I think they're counting eggs before they hatch. What if the Kickstarter funding isn't there?

In any case, while I will possibly pledge money to Wasteland 2, I'm also not convinced inXile has the team to put together a great RPG. Getting a few old staff members who haven't done anything for years hardly makes me feel more confident.

quasimodo February 23rd, 2012 17:12

Well they have to have a team together to sell the game on Kickstarter. Recognizable names means people are more likely to give money.

Vermin February 23rd, 2012 17:42

Quite a track record!
If this guy has contributed to only 1 % of the greatness of his previous projects, this sure is promising:
  • Flashback - Pure awesomeness back in the days
  • StoneKeep - At least I had fun playing this dungeon hack
  • Blackthorne - Flashback…?
  • The Lost Vikings - Blizzard back in the days
  • Battle Chess - Gore galore
  • Wastland - Um, yeah.

Now, where do i hand over my money? :)

HiddenX February 23rd, 2012 19:52

Brian Fargo has done a few good things the past …

killias2 February 24th, 2012 02:20

I wasn't talking about Brian Fargo, but he hasn't exactly had a sterling decade either.

Still, I will probably end up sticking money in this. I'm too big of a Fallout fan to just ignore this.

Saxon1974 February 24th, 2012 04:05

Well they have my attention now at least….

PegasusOrgans February 24th, 2012 07:26

TAKE MY FUCKING MONEY NAO!!!! God damn, you tease more than a japanese pop idol.

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