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Dhruin February 24th, 2012 22:21

Eschalon: Books 1 and II - Price Drop
Basilisk has dropped the price on the Eschalon: Book I and II:

We have lowered our prices on Eschalon: Book I (now $9.95) and Book II (now $14.95). These new, lower prices should be available through all our partners as well.
If you are an old-school RPG fan and still havenít played Eschalon, now is a great time to grab both games and get up-to-speed before we release the epic conclusion of the series in Book III!
More information.

ToddMcF2002 February 24th, 2012 22:21

Great games indeed. I spent around $6 bucks for both on Steam though.

Igor February 25th, 2012 16:36

I have to agree, I wonder what new skills they will add as I want this time to focus with merchant and find secret as the main skills, asuming the game will be in the same time period.

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