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Aiji Ma February 29th, 2012 16:03

UK Risen 2 preorder
Hi All

As we are all aware there is a DLC bonus for pre orders of Risen 2. As a great fan of the Gothic series, which I see Risen as a continuation of, I wanted to pre order the game on PC. However amazon.co.uk only have the console versions for pre order, whilst amazon.com has the PC one available? My other two sources of cheaper purchases zavvi.co.uk and play.com also do not seem to have the pre order available.

Does anyone have any other suggestions for pre ordering?

Aiji Ma

darklord March 13th, 2012 11:08

I'd like to know this to, Game sells it in the UK but I'm not sure if ordering from them is a good idea, I just recently read that they may be going into administration in the next couple of weeks!

I have no idea why Amazon isn't offering it on PC…


JonNik March 13th, 2012 11:15

Not only that, but they used to have a listing for the PC version (saying currently unavailable?!) and they even removed that a few days ago!

darklord March 13th, 2012 11:25

The PC version saying not available is still there, (with 360 artwork!)


Dunno when we'll be able to pre-order though, seems odd when the game is due out in a month or so's time!


JonNik March 13th, 2012 11:26

But did you look at the available platforms below ?

Anyway weird… I do believe it has happened before.

Wasn't the Witcher 2 available only 1.5 month before release or does my memory deceive me ?

DPB March 15th, 2012 19:54

Shopto has it listed, though I've never bought anything from them before, so I've no idea how reliable or not they are.

JDR13 March 15th, 2012 23:03

I don't understand why we can't pre-order on Steam yet.

This is the type of game that I'll want a boxed copy of, but I'd also like to pre-order on Steam so I can start playing it at 12:00 on release day.

porcozaur March 16th, 2012 10:59

seems the game will be only 30$/euro on steam

JonNik March 16th, 2012 11:09


Originally Posted by porcozaur (Post 1061133018)
seems the game will be only 30$/euro on steam

Source ? Its still not available on Steam for my Region, but if Amazon does not put it up for preorder a couple of weeks before release I might consider it… :uneasy:

JDR13 March 22nd, 2012 16:33

You can pre-order at GamersGate now.


Also.. more on the $30 Steam rumor.


darklord March 22nd, 2012 17:09

WOAH pre-order Risen 2 for PC for £40! 0_o That is the most expensive PC game I've seen in a long while…

Mass Effect 3 for £35 as was Skyrim, why are they charging more for Risen 2, a likely far less popular game? :S


JDR13 March 22nd, 2012 17:15


Originally Posted by darklord (Post 1061134199)
WOAH pre-order Risen 2 for PC for £40! 0_o That is the most expensive PC game I've seen in a long while…

Mass Effect 3 for £35 as was Skyrim, why are they charging more for Risen 2, a likely far less popular game? :S

Yeah.. that's a lot.. more than $60 US. Is that really the common pre-order price in the UK right now? Are you sure that's not for the collector's edition?

darklord March 22nd, 2012 17:20

Yeah £35 is the standard price for a new title, (non special edition) you can often get it for less than £30 on Amazon and such though. I can't recall paying £40 for normal editions of PC games.

This would make me think twice on buying the game for day of release.


JDR13 March 22nd, 2012 17:34

My advice is to wait and see what happens with the Steam pre-order.

JonNik March 22nd, 2012 17:58

Its 50 euros for me it seems: http://store.steampowered.com/app/40390/ :thumbsdown:

I think I'll wait to see what amazon comes up with…

darklord March 22nd, 2012 18:05

Woah yeah Steam is also charging £40 to pre-order, why are they charging £5 more all the other recent AAA titles, I'm really confused…


JonNik March 22nd, 2012 18:08

It seems you actually pay for that DLC after all… o_O
Let me add that I preordered the Witcher 2 premium edition from amazon for 33 Euros…

darklord March 22nd, 2012 18:11

Game UK is still offering the game for £30, however the company may be about to go into administration meaning you would get nothing for your money. Also they don't mention the DLC.


Quite a gamble! :S


JonNik March 22nd, 2012 18:14

I am not preordering on those terms… I'll buy day one from Amazon if they don't put it up for preorder. I'll get the DLC on a steam sale, dirt cheap, just on principle if things remain as they are (pay 50euros to get the DLC) :)

darklord March 22nd, 2012 18:23

I think if the prices stay so high I'll just wait and buy the game on a Steam sale next Xmas or something.

It's funny I've been looking forward to this game for ages, but I can't understand expecting us to pay more then we did for Skyrim/ME3, in recent months…


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