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xSamhainx March 6th, 2012 07:19

Tera - an action MMO worth playing? Maybe…
Just got done watching a preview by Angry Joe of this game. Looks awesome, but dont turn it off halfway thru his character creations/ogling at the females and graphics - the combat is skill-based. Not just a select an enemy and hit a button, this is like a fighting game. The ranged looks like a shooter, you really have to aim and time your shots right.

The game's gorgeous too, for the graphics whores among us. Like me ='.'=

Drithius March 6th, 2012 07:50

The combat looks fun, but a lot of the rest just puts me off. It looks like it's in a similar MMO style as Lineage, aka grind to make EQ pale in comparison. And those half-naked bunny characters that look like 10 year old girls are really uncomfortable.

xSamhainx March 6th, 2012 08:00

I'm looking for some good ranged combat in an MMO. It's always the same - select something and the arrows auto-hits. That's what looks cool to me so far. And the nice armors…

Ball_Breaker March 6th, 2012 09:27

Combat seems pretty good, a better version of Invictus imho.
The only problem is regarding the endless grinding, which of course isn't just a problem of this game.
When a free trial comes out, I'll gladly try it ;).

DArtagnan March 6th, 2012 10:19

I tried it and found it very underwhelming. Sure, the combat was fun - but it looked like the classes were very locked down with only a handful of abilities to use. Quite boring to me, and I'm NOT a fan of the visual aesthetic.

Beyond that, it's just yet another themepark MMO with minimal innovation or game changers.

ToddMcF2002 May 15th, 2013 06:20

^ What a Shocker…

Just a fair warning to anyone trying this. There appears to be a nasty bug with how this game interacts with Optimus. I launched it and it was hell bent on picking my Intel graphics. I tried adding the profile in the NVidia Control panel and it was pinned for integrated graphics. I had to use NvidiaInspector to delete the Tera profile and re-add it in the control panel. Only the could I select the 680m.

This of course makes the difference between 9-12 FPS and 40-70 FPS.

I have nothing to say about the game yet. Well… its pretty enough.

Fluent May 15th, 2013 22:23

This game is also on my radar. Eventually I will get around to it. You guys, feel free to post impressions and stuff as you play it.

ToddMcF2002 May 16th, 2013 01:59

I may not get to it for a bit but wanted to share that rather bizarre problem. What makes me want to try it the preservation of the so called trinity (DPS, tank, healer) while having the mobility of GW2. The game is very JRPG estheticly.

Fluent May 16th, 2013 02:14

I would love to find an interesting MMO that has JRPG stylings. I thought I found it with Wizardry Online but I had that warping issue. However, now that I have a new connection I need to give that game another shot. The little I played of it was very similar to a JRPG.

ToddMcF2002 May 16th, 2013 02:23

Well Tera is strait from Korea and in addition to the usual human types has cute animals and little scantly clad bunny eared jail bait toons. It's all well done though. While it is not my thing generally, I'm all about the gameplay and environments. What I've seen looks pretty interesting. Very Final Fantasy'ish. I keep an open mind!

Fluent May 16th, 2013 02:39

Cool, it does sound interesting.

Dr. A May 16th, 2013 05:38

I did want to give it a try but was concerned about the mention of excessive grinding. Is that a problem?

But if the combat is fun, I actually wouldn't even mind a grind (hey that rhymed..and so did that! Ok, I'll stop now)

ToddMcF2002 May 16th, 2013 06:13

I can't say as I haven't tried it. But I don't take anyone's word for anything really. The naysayers would have you playing Fallout 1 in a perpetual loop as it is the only game out there seemingly worth a damn. I manage to play MMO's without burning cash in micro-transactions as well, even though these "free to play" mechanisms are, according to "experts" the spawn of Satan, the root of all evil and the downfall of modern society.

Dr. A May 16th, 2013 06:28

LOL, well said!

OK, i guess I'll give it a go over the weekend :)

Ok, my IP is blocked because I'm in Singapore so looks like I won't be able to play :(

The worst thing is … Singapore was added to the list of blocked countries TODAY!

Players from the following countries who already have an active account will be able to continue playing TERA, but will no longer be able to create a new account starting on Thursday, 16th of May 2013:


ToddMcF2002 May 16th, 2013 16:40

Wow. Why? Are they having hacking issues or something?

Dr. A May 16th, 2013 17:04

It seems they lump a lot of Asian countries with gold farmers, phishers, hackers and all other nefarious denizens that lurk in the shadowy corners of the Internet.

Fluent May 16th, 2013 18:11

That blows that you can't play it. I'm about to download it now and see what the fuss is about. I'll post some impressions a little later.

Oh lord, 35 GB required? Yikes. Oh well, incoming now :D

ToddMcF2002 May 16th, 2013 18:25

My "HappyCloud" directory is 29GB. Its bigger than Conan, which previously held the title! It came down very fast though. I just ordered a Crucial mSata 256GB drive. My primary SDD is only 240GB. These MMO's are brutal space wise!

Dr. A May 16th, 2013 19:22

Well until TERA decides to end this segregation, I'm outta luck :(

Looking forward to you guys' take on it though. Have fun playing!

Fluent May 16th, 2013 19:25

It took me about 2 hours to download the whole 35 GB. Not bad. Is that mSata drive an SSD or is mSata something different? My SSD only has about 75 GB left on it. I was considering putting some of these MMOs on my 750 GB HD but I figured they would run faster on the SSD.

Anywho…been playing for the past hour. The game definitely is gorgeous. Graphics look beautiful, art style is impressive. However, I can't seem to find a "Sync to Refresh Rate" feature, so it's not as smooth as it could be. Still, it runs pretty well and I think I'm getting 60+ FPS on maxed out settings.

Quests seem to be standard MMO fare, but they are written well. Combat is definitely fun. It seems to be a well polished game thus far. I can see myself spending some time with it just to experience the beauty of the game world.

I don't see any excessive grind, but then again I'm not very far into the game. So far it's been your standard "kill this many monsters" type stuff, but again, it's very early so I'm sure there will be some more variety as I go.

Going back to play some more now.

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