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Gorath March 6th, 2012 09:59

JA: Back in Action - Changelog for the first Major Update
A temporary changelog posted by a mod in the Jagged Alliance: Back in Action forum, more precisely. This upcoming patch is offers a lot to look forward to: dozens of UI and gameplay tweaks, better graphics, bugfixes and some help for the modders. I've underlined a couple of interesting details.
Greetings everybody.
The first of two major upadets is nearly done. However this does not mean the patch will be out in the next few days. Reason? Testing. The patch will go through an extensive testing which means it still can take some time.

What follows now is the temporarily Changelog. Note: There might be things not yet listed or things which will change again. The fixed changelog will be released with the patch itself. But for now this should be enough:

General Bugfixes
- Fixed some enemy using wrong combination of pants and shoe meshes
- Fixed Sightcones not being cleared properly when leaving a level
- Fixed Sightcones displayed in wrong direction when moving in command mode
- Shader bug fixed that caused incorrectly colored objects
- Fixed bug where tank had impact on performance
- Fixed smoke grenade (blocking sight and its visual effect duration were slightly different)
- Fixed bug where recruitable PCs like Ira became not recruitable after leaving the map
- Fixed bug where AI coud become unalterted again after saving & loading

- Added additional Weapon and Ammo IDs
- Sight distances tweaked and made more easy to modify
- Noise values tweaked and made more easy to modify

- Fixed bug where "She's dead, Enrico" achievement would not unlock correctly
- Collect achievements are not anymore received when game has been modified

Visuals and Graphics Options added
- Launcher does not anymore check for vertex shader texture fetch, prohibiting older cards to start the game although they feature SM 3.0
- Added Distance based culling for small objects
- Added "Very High" terrain quality option in ingame menu
- Added View Distance as option in ingame menu (determines distance fog position)

Gameplay Fixes and Changes
- Civilians and potential militia recruits do not trigger mines anymore
- Children will try to maintain a minimum distance from player characters to ensure they do not clog doors or passages when following the player around the map
- Noise perception influenced by objects that cover the origin of the sound
- Enemy sight cones in 2D display in addition to 3D cones to make more clear what an enemy can see and to make lag of 3d cone calculation on slower machines more bearable
- Durability of clothing or items worn is only reduced when they actually prevented damage
- Armor is reduced only by 10% for each time it can fully prevent its protection value (e.g. if armor can potentially prevent 30 damage and only prevents 15 damage since it is hit in an already existing weak spot its durability is only reduced by 5%)
- Stamina is not reduced anymore when the whole map belongs to the player (all enemies are killed)
- Bobby Ray‘s Inventory only restocks after 3 days
- Bobby Ray’s express delivery now takes 24 hours, standard delivery takes 48 hours
- Laserpointer attachments reduce time to aim
- Targeting has several points of origin to become more flexible, further reduced chance of a small objects preventing a shot
- Picking improved, should be easier to select body zones when targeting
- Militia is always on the map even if the map still belongs to the enemy and can be recruited directly after liberating a map
- Reloading always reduces the smallest stack of ammo in the inventory to ensure that inventory space is cleared more quickly
- World Map: Travel speed is reduced when stamina is low
- World Map: Squads are forced to rest when stamina is close to 0 stamina to prevent squads reaching their target location with 0 stamina
- Explosives Skill also influences time for grenades to detonate after being thrown (e.g. a merc with higher explosive skill will “cook” grenades longer before throwing them so they explode more closely to their impact on the ground)

- SHIFT+ LEFT CLICK on target orders merc to repeat the attack until the target is dead
- Merc names are displayed on mouse over

BlackHarmo March 6th, 2012 09:59

Wow, for a "patch" it looks like they decided to actually re-balance a lot of things, in a good way. Can't wait! :)

JemyM March 6th, 2012 12:23

Someone know if fog is visible? Does it cover buildings?

Gorath March 6th, 2012 14:16

There is no fog at the moment. You can see all buildings and all enemies when you enter the map.
After a lot of user complaints bitComposer has apparently decided to put FoW back in. It was cut out around Aug/Sept last year. Personally I don't miss it. The maps are quite big. I'm not interested in having to reload more often (no save during combat!) or exploring many k˛ of absolutely nothing just to find the last missing enemy.

This patch improves more than a dozen small annoyances, assuming it really includes all mentioned features. Minor stuff of the kind which costs you 2 mouseclicks more (wrong merc selected after inventory closed) or costs you several minutes on every map (looting). The armour thing is quite a big change. So far you can hardly buy kevlar vests fast enough to keep everybody well protected.

The only thing I miss on the list is a group inventory.

hiciacit March 7th, 2012 00:09

Starting to sound pretty good. Been holding off buying this until there would be more info what direction they would take with the patches. About time to consider a purchase now it seems…

figment March 7th, 2012 06:30

I will say that initially I was somewhat disappointed by the game. And still am to some degree but I've warmed up to its combat system and have overcome my issues with the camera (mostly). I can play the game and it holds my interest so thats a pretty good sign.

After this patch, I might upgrade my opinion from wait-and-see to buy-on-sale for people that might have even a slight interest and buy if you have more than a slight interest.

Nikus March 7th, 2012 11:08

Wow, this fixes a lot of annoying stuff. I wish I held back - finished the game yesterday. Initially was very annoyed at the real time, but gave it a second chance. The bottom line, it felt too easy (AI, mostly) and I missed a lot of features of JA2, but that said, it was fun. With running to the edge of the map before travelling, I could finish in four game days, controlling all sectors and doing almost all quests. Hardly used command queuing except for start of attacks and building assault. Hope they do a sequel taking more from JA2's book, adding destructible environments (Silent Storm) and going as far as bringing back the TB mode as an option :).

Alrik Fassbauer March 9th, 2012 16:03

As a sidenote : The new Newsletter talks about the game getting "eyefinity", and a German localization.

Gorath March 15th, 2012 21:35

The patch is close:

So, to end the speculations: Time needed for testing is time which is needed. The time is used to play through the game several times. Also this time includes additional fixing if changes brought into the game resulted in bugs. The testing time however should end this evening and if the testers can't find a major bug or a showstopper, steam will be ordered to release the patch for everybody.

I can, right now, confirm that there were again some changes. full changelog will come along with the patch.

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