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Dhruin March 12th, 2012 21:49

Dishonored - First In-Game Footage
Bethsoft recently held a press event for Arkane's Dishonored, so expect a flurry of previews. For the moment, however, GameSpot has exclusivity on the first in-game footage with a 6-minute video interview featuring several gameplay segments. From the accompanying preview:

Between each mission, you're dropped into a hub world where you can upgrade your equipment and powers--and boy, are there a lot of powers to choose from. You can launch fire and ice attacks, summon a plague of rats, instantly teleport over short distances, possess people and animals, slow down time Max Payne-style, see through walls, and master a range of weapons including a crossbow, pistol, and the deliciously gory Spring Razor. This range of powers is combined with a level design that does its best not to restrict you in any way; if you see a great sniping spot on top of a roof or a distant vent that would simply be part of scenery in a lesser game, chances are you can get there and use it.
More information.

jhwisner March 12th, 2012 21:49

I found their reaction to people finding ways to get places they weren't supposed to be able to get to somewhat interesting. Instead of reworking the levels so that clever power usage didn't allow players to skip over large areas or get into places meant to be unreachable - they kind of went with it and seemed pleased that players came up with things they didn't realize were possible themselves.

GuybrushWilco March 12th, 2012 22:19

Looks awesome. I get the impression that this game will have somewhat similar game-play to the Deus Ex games.

JDR13 March 12th, 2012 22:42

It strikes me as Thief meets Hitman blended with Steampunk. I was hoping to see more in-game footage, but I'm definitely interested nonetheless.

Also, it's ironic that they mention Max Payne because that was the first thing I thought of when I heard the music at the start of the video.

Paul March 12th, 2012 23:07

Most anticipated game right now. Finally another immersive sim with emergent gameplay ! I hope it will be properly visceral and will blow me away! (gotta love these buzzwords)

Dajjer March 13th, 2012 01:20

I like their attitude. I noticed however they are calling the Game a first person action game not a shooter RPG. But if this game is as good as Riddick or Bioshock (which it looks like it may be ) then I can hardly wait.

Von Paulus March 13th, 2012 01:22

The ambiance seems nice.

Capt. Huggy Face March 13th, 2012 05:27

I didn't listen to the interview. I watched the video with the sound off, but it looks like it's steeped in style. I'll probably get the game just for that reason.

Dug the Thief-esque mission briefings with still images.

sakichop March 13th, 2012 05:40

I too would have liked to see more in game footage. I wonder how they keep it balanced with all those powers? Also what are the rpg aspects of the game?

JonNik March 13th, 2012 07:45

Intense feeling of Deja Vu there (especially on some outside scenes)… ;)

Interested. o_O

borcanu March 13th, 2012 09:09

yeah, some people need to see something with their own eyes to understand it, while others just click :). You should consider what that says about you

thumbs up for the best designers out there. and RIP for the old minds who lost their way.

JonNik March 13th, 2012 09:21


Originally Posted by borcanu (Post 1061132026)
yeah, some people need to see something with their own eyes to understand it, while others just click :). You should consider what that says about you

thumbs up for the best designers out there. and RIP for the old minds who lost their way.

Umm, Care to elaborate? :)

Edit: Do you perchance mean that we should automatically fall on our knees in abject worship from this little bit (HL ripoff scenes aside) they gave us instead of wanting to know more about the meat of the game first and if we don't then there is something wrong with us? o_O

coyote March 13th, 2012 10:56

I am not really into assassination as primary gameplay goal, but creative power usage and freedom of movement combined with a strong story in an atmospheric environment: sounds interesting and bears following!

Alrik Fassbauer March 13th, 2012 13:15

Assassin's Greed in Steampunk Universe ?

DArtagnan March 13th, 2012 17:52

I'm not liking the art style - and I think some of the powers sound like they were designed to stand apart, rather than to be particularly great for gameplay. Much like I'm getting a vibe from Bioshock Infinite - in terms of being desperately different. Sometimes, you don't have to be different to be truly great - but that's me.

But given the style and the Deus Ex/Thief type gameplay in Dishonored - I'm very interested despite the above reservations.

Turjan March 13th, 2012 18:09


Originally Posted by Alrik Fassbauer (Post 1061132051)
Assassin's Greed in Steampunk Universe ?

In a sense. But Arkane's own Dark Messiah wasn't that far off that vibe, either.

I'm curious how this will turn out.

Drithius March 13th, 2012 18:32

Doesn't look very steampunkee to me.

BlackHarmo March 13th, 2012 20:30


Originally Posted by Drithius (Post 1061132128)
Doesn't look very steampunkee to me.

To me neither, but perhaps some of the equipment, "gadgets", will have a steampunk vibe.

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