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Dhruin March 18th, 2012 01:14

Wasteland 2 - Interview @ GameBanshee
GameBanshee caught up with Brian Fargo to chat about Wasteland 2. As usual for them, it's a good article and well worth a read:

GB: While a lot of us have fond memories of the CRPGs of yesteryear, there have certainly been some modern sensibilities added to video games over the years that have improved upon the experience in measurable ways. They're certainly not all welcome additions, but I'd like to hear your thoughts on whether you think mechanics like regenerating health, autosaves, a detailed quest journal, fast travel, automapping with quest objective annotations, etc. have a place in Wasteland 2.

Brian: My tendency with this game is going to be closer to the experiences we all loved during the golden age of RPGs. Part of the reason we have the excitement we do is there is this general feeling that the games have been dumbed down for the masses. Politically correct situations, linear events, being careful no one gets lost etc…it can be kind of lame. We will put the game into beta test and if a huge majority about the lack of a feature we need to consider it but in general let's recreate the wonder with modern graphics and sound. […]
GB: Unfortunately, role-playing games have lost much of their original identity in recent years, thanks in part to the popularity of first-person action RPGs. How do you convince a newer or younger RPG fan who has grown accustomed to the action-focused titles to give Wasteland 2 a shot?

Brian: Well here is the beauty of fan funding… we don't have to convince some younger RPG player of anything. I am making this game for the wonderful fans who put their money behind us and not some nebulous group of new people. Let's make the game they all expect and let the chips fall where they may. There is just no way I'm going to consider anything that could let down the core.
More information.

Lemonhead March 18th, 2012 01:14

He's saying all the right things!

HiddenX March 18th, 2012 01:30

The youth of 1988 is now (24 years later) the generation with the big wallets/billfolds.

Let the Golden Age of crpgs rise again :ahoy:

Saxon1974 March 18th, 2012 03:08


Originally Posted by HiddenX (Post 1061133364)
The youth of 1988 is now (24 years later) the generation with the big wallets/billfolds.

Let the Golden Age of crpgs rise again :ahoy:

Ha so true isnt it?

Man, how long has it been since a developer said "I'm not going to let down the core group?" Music to my ears that is.

Hastar March 20th, 2012 00:43

Even if this project would fail I don't care. They are taking a chance and it gives me faith in RPG's again. Yes, some game companies need to realize that us gamer's in our 40's have extra cash to spend :)

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