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Dhruin March 21st, 2012 00:28

The Banner Saga - Funding Successful
The Banner Saga has successfully reached its $100k funding goal on Kickstarter with a full month yet to run.
More information.

borcanu March 21st, 2012 00:28

easy peasy .
let's have a toast.
to small heartfelt projects!

darkling March 21st, 2012 02:42


This is something that hopefully will be very cool.

getter77 March 21st, 2012 03:04

It'll be interesting to see what direction they go in for their first, detailed update with new benchmarks for the post-100k aims. Given it garnered this much, this soon---I suspect they can raise a fair bit more with a good breakdown not unlike how the Wasteland 2 one came to get detailed to the 1.5 mil mark.

One thing these major gaming kickstarter endeavors need is to be like hawks about updating ASAP, but in a quality fashion given the time is ticking and this thing seems to benefit enormously from riding, and maintaining, the wave of momentum----I would think at least weekly updates, more if in said week they break another funding level.

figment March 21st, 2012 05:07

I dont think they need weekly updates though will agree it will help for first couple of weeks to set the stage. Every other week is more than enough for this kind of update. I can say I don't care that much and really once a month is enough for me.

getter77 March 21st, 2012 15:16

But…the Kickstarter itself only last a few weeks, a month. I guess it comes down to how much they truly "need" but given their vague notions mentioned early when they first got the page up about Euro and Jp localization alongside an odd assortment of hopeful platforms---only so much time to lay markers out, perhaps refresh/adjust rewards like Wasteland 2 had to, etc.

Falchor March 21st, 2012 15:30


Originally Posted by figment (Post 1061133890)
I can say I don't care that much and really once a month is enough for me.

Yeah, me too. A monthly update for a 10 dollar contribution feels right to me. I'm just glad the darn thing is going to get made! Strategy RPG is a favorite genre of mine—having played tons of Fire Emblem, FF Tactics, etc. To get a new one, with the pseudo-viking setting and branching dialogue sounds excellent.

Of course, now they have to execute…. :)

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