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Gorath March 22nd, 2012 20:16

Spellbound Entertainment - Files for Insolvency
Another one bites the dust … as the whole German internet reports, ArcaniA developer Spellbound had to file for insolvency after a failed investment round. It's quite surprising news because Spellbound was expanding into mobile and online games.
Everyday business continues without changes. Due to the insolvency the wages for the 65 employees are guaranteed by law, at least for a certain time.
The insolvency administrator is optimistic Spellbound can be saved. They have a couple of projects relatively close to release and investors are interested. Search for investors has started immediately.

German insolvency law is strict. If certain requirements are met or certain obligations can no longer be fulfilled, a company must file for bankruptcy. Failing to do so would get the managing director into serious legal trouble. Companies with substance generally have realistic chances to recover.
Spellbound is currently working on the action-RPG Ravensdale.
More information.

himmy March 22nd, 2012 20:16

Think not of ArcaniA and frolic with joy, but remember Desperados and weep.

basharran March 22nd, 2012 20:30


Originally Posted by himmy (Post 1061134254)
Think not of ArcaniA and frolic with joy, but remember Desperados and weep.

It's never good news to hear a developer going down, ArcaniA wasn't that bad to be honest. I hope they find investors and that these 65 people can keep their jobs.

Couchpotato March 22nd, 2012 22:15

While ArcaniA wasn't that bad of a game as people make it out to be I was interested in Ravensdale. Hopefully they find an investor.

Xian March 22nd, 2012 22:40

ArcaniA was ok, my main complaint was that it wasn't a real Gothic IV. It wasn't anything special, just an average action RPG. I didn't care for Fall of Setarriff much at all though.

I hope they can get back on their feet and don't have to go into bankruptcy.

Gorath March 22nd, 2012 23:10

Arcania was just contract work. JoWooD wanted it so streamlined and Spellbound delivered that. No reason to read too much into it.
PB declared the Gothic projects since G3:FG "non canonical".

TheMadGamer March 23rd, 2012 03:02

Spellbound created a competent game engine that was underutilized. Arcania wasn't horrible, but it was very forgettable.

Sergorn March 23rd, 2012 23:16

I hope they recover. I liked Arcania and (debate about Gothic-ness aside) I thought it was a good game.

I was really looking forward to what they would come up with with Ravensdale, so it'd be a shame if that went to waste.


Dez April 5th, 2012 04:29

Sad news, but hopefully they pull themselves through this mess. Arcania was a horrible game and an awfull sequel, but the blame belongs to Jowood for not understanding what gothic games were about.

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