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SubBassman March 23rd, 2012 10:33

Massive RPG - Kickstarter

I'm Zoltan Gonda, the author of the NWN1 module series, Tortured Hearts (I & II).

TH2 won a gold medal in 2007:

Me and my partner Lenore Hoehl have been working hard on a stand-alone RPG which is loosely based on these mods and now we need some material help to get the graphic and sound content done. This is why we chose Kickstarter.

The title is: Tortured Hearts: Or, How I Saved the Universe. Again.

Storywise, the game is DONE.

Here are the features:
-TH satirizes RPG cliches (unlike the prequels)
-Light-hearted story of a jaded, thrill-seeking adventurer
-No need to play the prequels beforehand, but ofc there are refs for those who have played them
-6 playable races: human, elf, dwarf, gnome, halfling, half-orc
-Classic 6 person party (you can open their inventories for instance)
-Non-linear gameplay, open-ended world with 3 choke points
-Over 200 areas
-Over 500 NPCs
-Over 100 quests
-About 100-150 hours of gameplay (just like the "prequels", each)
-A long and complicated plot
-A crafting system if you like to spend your play time working
-Almost 500,000 words of dialog (including henchman conversations) already written, plus a journal to keep track of quests.
-A variety of henchmen who contribute in an interactive way with the PC
-A henchman relationship system which can lead to romance
-A character development system with no classes
-All the quests and conversations are scripted and tested, so that the game is playable now in the development environment
-Combat system is designed but not implemented: so far it has been planned as a real-time system but it could be changed to turn-based

There's a discussion forum and place to vote on the combat system at:
(sorry for the spartan web page)

Regarding the money we ask for, please consider the features and the scope of the game. The budget is very, very tight.

And finally, here's the link:


Thank you for your attention, time and help


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