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McKeever001 April 9th, 2012 08:35

joining a party
My wife and I would like to join a party. How do you do that in Drakensang?

Alrik Fassbauer April 9th, 2012 13:11

Not possible.

It's an offline game.

At least those made by Radon Labs.

The online game called "Drakensang Online" has NOTHING to do with the offline games ! - Merely the brand name.

Gorath April 9th, 2012 16:22

There are two offline Drakensangs and one online game. We don't know much about the latter.

In Drakensang and in The River of Time you pick up party members as you play. The first ones already in the tutorial level. There's usually a dialog option to ask somebody to join your party. When somebody has joined you have full control over him/her.

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