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Dhruin April 24th, 2012 10:45

Kotaku - Plot vs Play PAX Video
If you recall the recent Plot vs Play PAX panel featuring David Gaider, Chris Avellone and Ken Levine, a video of the actual panel is now available at Kotaku.
More information.

borcanu April 24th, 2012 10:45

Still listening halfway through it.

Clearly Chris is superior to all those guys up till this point, with his humbleness and open-mindness and wit, he somehow sets the tone.

But what really bothers me, is that they keep neglecting the power of a movie like experience, the Amy Henning type.. where every player gets the same story. They really want to place themselves somewhere above that, we are not writers, we give a deeper experience bla bla bla.. you could.. but you fail 95% of the time.

SO how about getting it done the old fashioned way first. Just as an exercise, to see where you stand, and how much you really know of game design.

Edit: God that bald guy is clueless. A personal observation, the way you look, the way you care for you body, reflects on your brain. That's why I don't support a Kickstarter by the ideas, I need the face to inspire me.. so guys, go hire an actor and fool people into supporting you

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