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Dhruin April 28th, 2012 04:19

Legend of Grimrock - Reviews, Weekly Update
Swiss site GBase.ch wrote in with their review of Legend of Grimrock, which our German readers can find here.
Here's another review, this time from Joystiq with a score of 4/5:

Grimrock's hopeless atmosphere makes every little victory something to be savored. In other games, stumbling across a rusty sword might be worth, at best, a disinterested yawn and a few gold from a merchant. In Grimrock it's a rush akin to finding a $100 bill in the gutter or realizing that, wait, no, there is totally one more Oreo in the back of the box. New weapons and items tend to be marked improvements over old ones, which, combined with a sublime leveling pace, creates a constant sense of real progression.
…and let's throw in the latest update from Almost Human:

Okay, another Friday, another update. Just like we promised! The spring has finally arrived here in Finland so we’ve had to jury rig all sorts of crazy makeshift sunlight blockers in front of a few pesky windows that shine their light directly into Juho’s and Olli’s displays again. And now that we got the first patch done, Petri has been mostly occupied by the work with level editor and it’s been progressing steadily. If you want to stay on the pulse of the development of the editor, there’s a thread on our forums which Petri will update as the work with it progresses. There’s also been reports of some strange never seen before creatures slithering in the darkness of a dungeon but the whole thing is still shrouded in mystery…
More information.

Gorath April 28th, 2012 04:19

Fixed the link to Gbase.

Fargol April 28th, 2012 18:17

Some of the puzzles are good, some okay, some really stupid.

But one thing for sure - you ARE thrilled when you find something as mundane as a longsword, or another shuriken, or a couple more normal arrows.

In a way it's a welcome change from ARPG's where "rare" items drop far more often than rarely, and more times than not the uncommon/rare drop isn't any better than what you already have.

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