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Maylander May 3rd, 2012 21:36

Elder Scrolls Online announced

I haven't seen a lot of info yet. I assume more will come soon.

Strafe May 3rd, 2012 22:46

Sad day

to be expected… but still sad.

Maylander May 3rd, 2012 22:54

Yes, I'm hardly surprised. Let's just hope they continue to develop single player games as well, so we don't get another Warcraft scenario where the last single player game came out 8-9 years ago (The Frozen Throne).

Biff The Understudy May 7th, 2012 18:13

Dont think we need to worry about them dropping their singleplayer games unless the mmo turnsout to be hugely successful which does not seem likely.

hishadow May 26th, 2012 15:52

Some more info in Why The Elder Scrolls Online Isn't Using HeroEngine.

wolfing May 27th, 2012 00:36

I hope that by "with the most advanced social features found in any MMO to date" they mean that it has great LFG tools and group content, and not that it will be tweeting 'Joe killed a troll' to friends and post screenshots in Facebook

Biff The Understudy May 27th, 2012 00:47

Wouldnt surprise me if they took the opportunity to launch their own social network thingymagig tied into the game.

Maylander May 27th, 2012 01:07


When you’re creating something this big and complex, writing your own engine makes debugging and new feature creation far easier. Also, our plan is to have ESO run on just about any PC or Mac – laptops included – that have been bought in the last five years.
I assume that's PR talk, because a five year old laptop should not be able to play a state of the art game. Well, unless it was a fantastic piece of hardware five years ago (top notch Alienware or similar).

Roq June 22nd, 2012 04:21

A lot of people are writing this off as a "WoW clone" or not sufficiently like Elder Scrolls single player games, when we still know very little about it. And it does have some potentially interesting ideas including the action based combat, large 3 faction PvP area, open dungeons, community features etc. It actually appears to share some of the same design ideas with GW2 rather than WoW, which is no bad thing.

I just don't think there is enough information yet to write off this game. If they do all of the above well and put them in a deep story and world, it could be an awesome game. OTOH if it's just trying to ride on the coat tails of Elder Scrolls then it will probably flop.

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