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bazmod May 6th, 2012 20:32

where to buy voodoo dolls
Does anyone know who I can buy voodoo dolls from?

I could get them from Kapua (think that was her name) on the Sword Coast but she seems to have disspeared after I did the temple bit and left the island?

Or does anyone know where Kapua has dissapeared to - bug maybe?

Maylander May 6th, 2012 20:39

She should be there, try going back there and resting until morning. Anyway, I've seen other vendors with voodoo dolls, but I don't remember specifics. Probably the guy at the inn in Caldera or someone in the native camp of Maracai Coast or whatever it's called.

bazmod May 6th, 2012 20:54

ok cool thanks for the reply. I have tried resting till morning, afternoon, evening, and midnight. I've even tried leaving the island and coming back but she's definately gone from where she was.

The guy in Caldera doesn't have any voodoo dolls unfortunately, and I don't think I can go to the Maracai Coast yet.

DeepO May 6th, 2012 21:01

Voodoo vendor in Antigua (house next to the inn) sells them.

bazmod May 6th, 2012 21:02

awesome cheers DeepO I will go check that out now :)

bazmod May 6th, 2012 21:15

just went to Antigua and found her - thanks for the help :)

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