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Moriendor May 16th, 2012 01:42

Risen 2 Completion: Character Honour Thread
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Since there are similar threads around here for games like Divinity DKS I thought I'd open one for Risen 2.

Here are my end stats (Voodoo pirate on 'hard' difficulty):

A) Time Played (including the Treasure Island and Temple of Air DLC)

- According to Steam: 66 hours
- According to In-Game: 59 hours 23 minutes

B) End Stats (including boni from legendary items)

- Blades = 3
- Firearms = 2
- Toughness = 9
- Cunning = 11
- Voodoo = 12

- Left-over glory: ~3K
- Gold: ~1.5K (and probably thousands in loot)


Comments: I'm sure that it would be possible to get very close to bringing four stats to 10. The Treasure Isle DLC yields a legendary item that gives a +10% glory boost. If you get that item early in the game and only level Voodoo to 8 (+2 from legendary items) and Cunning to 9 (+1 from a legendary item) then getting a 3rd skill to 10 would be no problem and it should be possible to get very close to maxing out a 4th one.

Finally, here's the end stat screens:

JDR13 May 16th, 2012 06:25

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My final stats and playing time. (Voodoo path, Hard difficulty.)

Blades - 7
Firearms - 4
Toughness - 8
Cunning - 8
Voodoo - 8

Collected all legendary items.

Final in-game save - 64 hours, 32 minutes
Steam time - 98hours

My stats could have been higher. I had 24000+ glory left over.

DPB May 21st, 2012 23:44

Steam: 51 hours
In-game: 39 hours 41 minutes

That's including Treasure Isle, which took less than an hour. Normal difficulty.

Blades 10
Firearms 2
Toughness 6
Cunning 7
Voodoo 10

I had 3893 gold and 10941 glory left, there didn't seem any point in spending the last remaining points when my character was already a demi-god by the end. I collected all of the legendary items except the one you can buy that increases your piercing skill - I had no use for that since I stuck to slashing weapons.

Pessimeister December 23rd, 2012 07:57

Ahh, nice to see another thread of this kind. :thumbsup:

After getting distracted away from playing Risen 2 back in June some 15 hours in, I've finally returned to it over the past few days and have had a frollickingly good time in completing it. I had a batch of leftover incomplete quests which I'll no doubt get to in the second playthrough.

Stats: Inquisition path, Hard Difficulty.
DLC: Temple of Air and Treasure Island installed.

Time: Steam - 50 hours.
In game: 47 hours. (It took me 66 hours with the first Risen)

Blades: 10
Firearms: 6
Toughness: 8
Cunning: 8
Voodoo: 1

Glory Left: 10444

Some final thoughts:
I generally prefer the first game, but Risen 2 is still a fantastic experience once you get over the significant differences in the combat engine. The other unique theme which sets it apart is the wonderfully jolly humour. It's bawdy, it's vulgar, it's crude and it knows it. The character design was also quite enjoyable to fiddle around with. I also had much more difficulty with the Kraken than I did with the final boss encounter!

Fluent May 28th, 2014 18:57

I finished the game on Normal difficulty (should have probably played on Hard!)

I sided with the Natives and learned Voodoo.

I also played through all the DLC.

Steam Time: 60 hours
In-Game Time: 56 hours 5 minutes

Blades: 7
Firearms: 6
Toughness: 7
Cunning: 8
Voodoo: 10

Gold left: 214 (but thousands in unsold loot)
Glory left: 19474

I didn't realize I had so much Glory left, but I didn't really need it at that point as the game got progressively easier when I discovered the Wave Dancer weapon (60-100 damage). I would have had more gold as well not counting the unsold loot but I paid to raise my Death Cult talent all the way up near the end, even though by the point I was able to summon Steelbeard, it was pretty much useless as I was ready for the last encounter.

Mara was surprisingly easy. I thought the game was great, though, and a very well-executed pirate setting. I really look forward to Risen 3 as well as playing through some older Piranha Bytes games.

Great company, that Piranha Bytes.

Pladio October 14th, 2017 10:34

I put my final thoughts in the other thread I created, but here are my end stats :

I sided with the Natives and learned Voodoo, but had just as many points in Blades and almost as many in Cunning and Toughness :D.

I also played through all the DLC.

Steam Time: 35 hours
In-Game Time: 31 hours 11 minutes

Blades: 9
Firearms: 2
Toughness: 8
Cunning: 8
Voodoo: 9

Gold left: 5kl (but thousands in unsold loot)
Glory left: ~9k

3 Pics

Only thing that seems odd is that I beat it in so little time compared to so many of you.
Do you end up waiting for all the dialogue to finish ? I end up reading most of it except for the main characters or a few that I like.

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