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Thrasher May 16th, 2012 22:51

Attached Images Viewer Bug
When I open an attached image in a thread posting, there is an right-pointing arrow at the bottom of the image. Rather than taking you to the next image, it the arrow takes you to the first image in the thread. :/

This is on Firefox on OS X…

JDR13 May 17th, 2012 04:52

It's the same for me with Internet Explorer on Win7.

Myrthos May 17th, 2012 11:12

It goes to the second image on the page for me. Navigation works correctly from that point onwards, so I think the index of the image it uses is incorrect. It always assumes to be on the first image on the page, regardless of which image you open.

Thrasher May 17th, 2012 18:47

Yeah, it may have been the second image on the page for me too (the example I was looking at had very similar images), but it certainly wasn't the "next" posted image in the post as one would expect it to be. It would be nice if it can be fixed. Thanks for looking into it!

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