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Dhruin May 22nd, 2012 07:40

Torchlight II - Preview @ Eurogamer
Catching up on a couple of things, Eurogamer looked at Torchlight II last week in this preview:

I can't avoid making reference to Diablo 3, since the two are so closely related in style and release date, but I only want to say one thing: Torchlight 2 doesn't feel like a budget Diablo 3. It may be priced at a third of Diablo 3's download, but it holds its own. While Diablo 3 remains grimy and grim, perhaps seeming more mature by being so, Torchlight 2 simply celebrates its colourful excess.
For example, just before sitting down to write this, I cut down an army of increasingly powerful undead creatures, all summoned by a giant glowing obelisk. The last of them defeated, the obelisk manifested surrender by suddenly regurgitating a stream of twenty different magic items, vomiting them into the air like a violently ill volcano. I didn't bat an eyelid, simply filled my pockets, patted my pet and turned the corner to find the next, undoubtedly bigger experience, cackling as I went.
More information.

Santos May 22nd, 2012 07:40

Well, that'll be a pleasant switch from D3's "one good item ever 3 levels" slog. Perhaps I just have bad luck. Honestly, however, I am not looking forward to all that color.

FYI Incgamers is giving away free beta passes, with no signups or "like me" requirements (for a change).

Game plays like Diablo 3 on crack, though not as pretty.

shaf May 22nd, 2012 18:15

I've played the Torchlight II Beta with both the Berserker and Outlander. The characters play differently with the Outlander having a nice Steampunk feel to it.
Even though the Beta only allows you to reach level 21 there's i nice feel to it, Torchlight 1 but better. Nice loot and pet selection and a lot of fun.

There's also some nice loot name surprises such as "One Eyed Willy's other Eye" a Goonies reference in the Ghost Pirate Quest.

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