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Dhruin April 25th, 2007 14:46

Atari - Signs 1C Titles
Atari has announced a deal to bring Russian publisher 1C's lineup to North America:

NEW YORK, April 24: Atari, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATAR), one of the world's most recognized brands and a third-party video game publisher, today announced the company has entered into a long-term exclusive distribution agreement with 1C Company, the leading publisher and distributor of computer games in Russia, Eastern and Central Europe.
Under this new agreement, Atari has the exclusive first rights to distribute and co-publish upcoming 1C titles throughout North America, including online distribution. The deal applies to all video game platforms including personal computers, home gaming consoles, handheld game systems, online formats, and mobile devices. The first games to be brought to the US market will be released later this year.
"Developers in Russia and Eastern Europe market are burgeoning with a slew of innovative and engaging games. 1C has demonstrated the special ability to source, develop and nurture these products," said Robert Stevenson, VP Business Development and Third Party at Atari. "Leveraging our strength in software distribution and our relationship with 1C, we believe that we will offer our retail partners a wider-array of products that appeal to the broad tastes of gamers in North America."
Courtesy of ActionTrip comes this list of actual games initially included, with Dawn of Magic and King's Bounty of interest to us:

Here's a full list of additional announcements for the PC, each linking to a screenshot gallery (we've also disclosed the genres and preliminary release dates):
More information.

txa1265 April 25th, 2007 14:46

This is good news - I might not think all that much of how Atari handles their publishing duties at times, but getting these games here is very welcome news!

magerette April 25th, 2007 20:24

My lord, there's even a fantasy turn-based strategy title! Nice screenies, too. The Russians must not know pc gaming is dying.:whew:

Seriously, I'm glad to see Atari doing something useful like this. Theres a nice variety in that title list.

doctor_kaz April 25th, 2007 22:43

Atari. Why did it have to be Atari? Why do so many talented developers and potentially great games get stuck with Atari?

Ionstormsucks April 25th, 2007 23:58


Originally Posted by magerette (Post 26723)
My lord, there's even a fantasy turn-based strategy title! Nice screenies, too. The Russians must not know pc gaming is dying.:whew:

In Sovjet Russia, pc games play you!

Sorry I just couldn't resist…

Gorath April 27th, 2007 00:13

Itīs a distribution and co-publishing agreement. Atari wonīt have the full responsibility for the titles.

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