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Dhruin May 30th, 2012 23:52

Of Orcs and Men - E3 Trailer
Focus has released an E3 trailer for the Spiders and Cyanide collaboration, Of Orcs and Men. There's a little over a minute of in-game fly-by scenes. There's also an accompanying press release:

Of Orcs and Men, the grand role-playing game jointly created by Spiders (direction and development) and Cyanide Studio (concept and production) for PlayStation 3®, Xbox 360® and PC, today unveiled its official E3 trailer!

The Orc and Goblin plunge into battle in this bone-crushing video! Thrown into a suicide mission aimed at putting an end to the decades-long war, our two heroes face opponents who are as merciless as they are numerous and meet potential allies who might be less than trustworthy. See the action, and more on the varied and detailed characters and environments, in the official E3 trailer of Of Orcs and Men!

The game starts you in the role of an elite Orc warrior, deeply involved in the war against their persecutors, Humankind. You have been sent on a dangerous mission that could change the course of the war: kill the one responsible for all the bloodshed and mobilization of the human race to destroy the green-skinned people-the Emperor himself. Joining you in your mission is a Goblin, an assassin and master of stealth, who complements your Orc's brute strength in battle.

From the Wall separating the Empire of Men from the Orc territories, to the Isle of Laments, Of Orcs and Men’s fantasy universe comes to life thanks to the powerful graphics engine developed by Spiders. The 5 screenshots revealed today are a testimony of the care brought by Spiders and Cyanide to realize a quality role-playing game endowed with a strong identity, an exceptional ambiance, and unique graphics rendering.
More information.

Thrasher May 30th, 2012 23:52

Looks great! How about some game play info?

Zephyr May 31st, 2012 00:15

Tops my 'Want List' so far…

borcanu May 31st, 2012 00:51

I see its the guys from Game of Thrones. Cool, I was surprised by the quality of their writing and character development. And I love playing the oppressed race

azarhal May 31st, 2012 01:03


Originally Posted by borcanu (Post 1061146521)
I see its the guys from Game of Thrones.

Well, not exactly. Game of Thrones was only done by Cyanide. Of Orcs and Men have 2 studios collaborating.

borcanu May 31st, 2012 01:04

focus 2

Carnifex May 31st, 2012 01:47

At least this looks interesting. I'd love to see a demo of it.


wolfgrimdark May 31st, 2012 02:51

Does look interesting - refreshing side to play for a change. Graphics look pretty good as well. Certainly on my watch list.

rune_74 May 31st, 2012 02:56

heheh, looks kinda interesting, but man the orcs look like hulk variations.

joxer May 31st, 2012 03:00

I still don't have GoT RPG (IIRC it'll be released in Europe in about a week) but since ppl said it has a great story and no mobrespawns and if that's true, I know what I'll be playing this september. ;)

DeepO May 31st, 2012 03:31

I like the premise and the game looks nice.
I´ve checked their forum and while it´s really sparse on any gameplay info so far, there was a community manager post claiming that there´s no level scaling and that sure is a promising piece of info for starters :) (unless the game is rigidly linear).
Since the two main player characters appear to be set, hopefully there´ll be a good variety of ways how to develop them.

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