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Dhruin June 8th, 2012 03:37

Torchlight II - "Getting closer to launch"
IGN looks at recent progress with Torchlight II and quotes Runic as saying "expect Torchlight II toward the end of summer 2012":

Other post-beta adjustments include toning down the magical effects and targeting. It seems players in groups of six were having a lot of trouble identifying exactly what was going on in the middle of a fight, so Runic is taking steps to pare away some of the more extraneous effects so nobody gets lost during battle. Targeting was also made a little more forgiving, so in the chaos of combat it won’t be quite as tricky to cast spells and swing giant hammers at your desired targets.
More information.

Drithius June 8th, 2012 03:37

Not only are parties of six very welcome, but both the targeting and graphical effects are issues that D3 has.

…I initially questioned Runic's logic in releasing after D3, but it's all becoming quite apparent. I'm guessing they had access to Blizzard's early betas and clearly saw the game's issues, having the benefit of third party objectiveness.

Myrkrel June 8th, 2012 04:34

Sounding good to me! I'm eager to play TL2 but I'm glad they are spending time to polish things up well and iron out any issues.

mazling June 8th, 2012 04:44

If they keep posting meaningful info as well as listening to their players, they can take as long as they need ;-)

bloodlover June 8th, 2012 15:06

End of summer… that can be two more months! They have been "polishing" this game so much that I'm expecting something beyond epic at this point.

Btw what was the use of the beta since as far as I know the game will look different in the final version?

mazling June 8th, 2012 19:37


Originally Posted by bloodlover (Post 1061147935)
Btw what was the use of the beta since as far as I know the game will look different in the final version?

They could test all the underlying tech on all the different hardware combinations out there. Getting a hand to do a vulcan salute instead of a normal wave can seem like a big change, but the bones and ligaments and nerves are all the same.

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