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Dhruin June 16th, 2012 00:30

Krater - Review @ Qt3
The first review we've seen of Krater comes from Tom Chick at QuartertoThree, who slams the game with a 1-star critique. Here's a sample:

Krater is what you would get if Martians came to Earth and tried to make a Diablo clone, having never played a videogame before. Itís got a whole slew of minor issues that will presumably be addressed in a patch or two. Itís also got some major issues that may or may not be addressed after a patch or two. But most damning are some fundamental design issues that can only be addressed by playing a different game.
The minor issues include awful inventory management, unresponsive mousing, a cramped interface, missing functionality on the overworld map, AWOL multiplayer support, and a few too many technical glitches. The major issues include loot that feels almost entirely like trash, a superfluous crafting system, being shunted through loading screens so often, an overworld map straight out of some lazy JRPG, repetitive content, and no incentive to play the harder difficulty levels.
More information.

Nameless one June 16th, 2012 00:30

This seem harsh.Sure game isn't anything more that cute pastime when I don't have time to play something more complex and time consuming(I don't start playing "bigger" games if I can't play them at least 2 hours without being disturbed)but as that it isn't bad at it isn't diablo clone(why do people always say for every aRPG that is diablo clone even for essentially different games like sacred or beyond divinity).

CountChocula June 16th, 2012 00:41

Wow, this is a Diablo clone? I was initially looking forward to Krater, as I like PA settings but it seems I completely misunderstood what kind of game it was.

Personally, I'm not really into Diablo and Torchlight type games, which in my view don't seem to be any kind of RPG at all as there is no RP.

Kordanor June 16th, 2012 02:00

At least it has a nice soundtrack. ^^

Tuco June 16th, 2012 04:37


Originally Posted by Nameless one (Post 1061148859)
This seem harsh.

Sonds exactly like what I played in beta: a poor, not-fun, bad designed game with some weird charm not sufficient to redeem it.

Terry June 16th, 2012 18:48

I have been playing since release about 2-3 hours a night and the game is fun, I think it has been worth my 15 bucks. They have also patched it just about every day with fixes and up dates, one of the fixes has been better inventory management. It may not have been perfect out of the gate but for the price it has been worth it for me.
This review does seem a bit harsh and may have been based on the first day it was released, I suspect that in a couple of weeks most of the bugs will have been squashed. I find the comparison to Diablo 3 out of wack as it has RTS features mixed in with ARPG with looting and crafting. Oh ya and you can play off line.

Spindelkonungen June 17th, 2012 13:12

I have had the habit of checking these forums for a while and it has been great fun to follow the threads but not until I saw this I felt the urge to create an account and reply. Better late than never I guess

Anyway - this review is just so wrong. I picked up the game on Steam couple of days ago, enticed by the different setting and what looked like some unique game mechanics. Also the obvious steal from the old Swedish pen and paper RPG Mutant that I used to play a lot as a kid where something that made me buy the game (Iím also from Sweden, as the devs, strange is that I had never heard of them before, don't think they made any other rpg)

So what about the game and the review? After 20 hours of game time I am still enjoying it and that alone deserved better than 1 out of 5. I might be totally wrong but I normally have a pretty mainstream taste in games (Diablo, Fallout etc).

The game do come with flaws and is pretty unpolished (but they seem to be adamant with fixing that, got three patches over the last days) but I somehow get the feeling that the reviewer gave it 30 minutes or something. He reviews an ARPG, which probably is what you think you are playing the first two three quests without exploring anything of the underlying mechanics. And from that perspective I can understand that the game feels pretty bland.

What irritate me the most is that a game that actually feels like it dares to try to create something new (not always successfully but still a decent try) is written of as a mindless copy of other games (where do that whole Martian thing come from anyway).

Sorry for the long rant Ė just needed to vent

Tuco June 17th, 2012 17:25

The core design is simply bad, and no post-release support is ever going to change it.
rage all you want but the review is terribly accurate.

Terry June 18th, 2012 04:01


Originally Posted by Tuco (Post 1061149036)
The core design is simply bad, and no post-release support is ever going to change it.
rage all you want but the review is terribly accurate.

In YOUR Ever SO Humble opinion. Which of course applies to every one. You probably liked Diablo 3 too.

szokol June 18th, 2012 09:59

It' a fun little ARPG. No more, no less. Nothing groundbreaking, but deserves much more than this.

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