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Myrthos June 22nd, 2012 03:59

Original Sin - Preview @ Kotaku
Our reader Jonathan points out a preview of Divinity: Original Sin that can be found @ Kotaku.

But for all that Original Sin looks to return to the franchise's RPG roots, there are key differences. Divine Divinity and the games that came after featured a Diablo-esque "click it until it's dead" kind of combat, to go along with their class-free leveling. Original Sin chooses to forgo the free-for-all killfest of its predecessors, instead opting for turn-based combat.
And of course, for turn-based combat, you really need a party. And that's the other place where Original Sin deviates from the franchise's tried-and-true pattern: there are two player characters, not one, and they travel together at all times.
The pairing of two charactersóone male, one female, each with some kind of "dark secret" in their past for the story to uncoveróworried me greatly. Larian has tried this once before, with Beyond Divinity. It did not go well. Larian head Sven Vincke grimaced when I mentioned Beyond Divinity, and acknowledged that the ideas hadn't worked well. This game, he promised, is different. And the studio has learned from the past.
More information.

sakichop June 22nd, 2012 04:00

Hopefully I'm not disappointed but I really can't wait to play this game.

Gaxkang June 22nd, 2012 14:40

Larian + turn based = pre-order (plus some steam gift keys). Despite the inevitable shower of ign / gameinformer etc reviews calling the TB combat a relic from the 1980s, destroying an otherwise OK game.

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