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Dhruin June 23rd, 2012 09:35

Legend of Grimrock - Update and Future Plans
Almost Human catches readers up with a new update, having returned to work after a much-deserved holiday after shipping Grimrock. The good news for fans is more Grimrock is on the agenda:

After finishing a big project it’s always a good time to look at what has been accomplished and think about the future, and a big chunk of our time for the past weeks has been invested precisely into this. The success of Grimrock has really blown our socks away, but it also has enabled us, for the first time, to sit down and think through our options instead of just rushing madly forward with the project in the hope of finishing before cash runs out. During this time we also received some very interesting and tempting offers about other game projects (we can’t talk about the details as they’re covered by NDAs). It took us some time to evaluate these but in the end we realized that building our own games is the reason why we are here and the success of Grimrock tells us that it is a good reason. So we’re committed to keep working on Grimrock and see where that road leads us. The exact form, whether it be an expansion, a full blown sequel or even something completely different, is still undecided. Frankly, we were a bit exhausted with the whole concept of grid-based games after working so intensely for a year but as some time has passed we now think that we have more to give to this genre.
But first things first! The editor is still work in progress and it is starting to shape up well. We are almost in alpha stage now which means that we are just a few features short of being able to build Grimrock level dungeons with it. Please note that alpha is going to be an internal milestone for us and we are not going to do public testing on it, so no need to send applications for testing at this point, thank you! http://www.grimrock.net/wp-includes/…icon_smile.gif As always you can follow the progress of the editor here. Oh and stay tuned for an upcoming video preview showcasing the editor!
More information.

Gaxkang June 23rd, 2012 09:35

Kudos to them for staying independent. Maybe we'll see some fun and innovation that way. Maybe more devs will leave the Activision/EA concentration camps and into fresh air, like these guys.

I really enjoyed this blobber for its atmosphere and puzzles - would really like to see a sequel. But hopefully they'll do the final boss right this time (frustration with critters constantly blocking escape squares at random almost made me ragequit in the final 30 seconds).

Wulf June 23rd, 2012 13:02

I completed the game on hard setting with no weapons, just hands (kung-fu style) - then a second run-through using magic only - then a third run-through as single character - you could say i overplayed it! …and for this very reason, i would not want more of the same even with slight differences. I would not buy a follow up LoG unless it was completely different.

There many possible ways to expand the game…for example…

1. Interactive extra character involvement, join or dismiss.

2. Specific character pick-up per specific end of level completion.

3. Dialogue with branching consequences (text obviously)

4. Insanely hard end of level bosses (possibly utilising a joined character's skills).

5. Team split-up to enable consequential solutions.

6. A split team communication system.

7. No return death of a character with dilemma C&C.

8. An involving, moving or tragic storyline.

9. A bigger and more complicated game world area.

…etc' etc'

Carnifex June 23rd, 2012 21:09

More LoG is an instant buy for me. Quite possibly the best game I've played this year, so far.


SpoonFULL June 23rd, 2012 23:07

One of the best games that I played this year as well, and the replay value is immense as Wulf indicated in his post.

In terms of future plans, two words: SPACE HULK
Not using the Warhammer universe ofcourse, but along the same mechanics. In this case you can have four mini-screens for each player and you can jump into any of them at any time for instant action. Moreover, you will have the ability to position the 4 player at different locations on the map for strategic gameplay. I can't believe no one has thought of a re-make of this gem! The LoG grid game engine would be ideal for such a re-make.

JDR13 June 23rd, 2012 23:13

LoG is the best Indie game I've played to date. Just give me more of the same except with more character classes and some non-combat skills. No radical changes are necessary imo.

Shagnak June 24th, 2012 02:11


Originally Posted by JDR13 (Post 1061150125)
LoG is the best Indie game I've played to date. Just give me more of the same except with more character classes and some non-combat skills. No radical changes are necessary imo.

Yeah, this. And more environments/tilesets and new monsters.
Totally looking forward to cranking out some of my own dungeons with the editor.

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