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Dhruin April 28th, 2007 11:32

System Shock 2 - Soundtrack "Released"
A few forums are discussing the System Shock 2 soundtrack, which has apparently been liberated by a former SS2 developer. I wouldn't normally trust something uploaded to megaupload but quite a few people have already tried it and reported the file safe and authentic. Here's the original post at the TTLG forums:

After seeing so many fan interpretations of the SS2 soundtrack I figured I would upload the real soundtrack … real as in "ripped from a CD that Eric Brosius burned."

What differences are there from the existing SS2 Soundtrack versions out there?

1) These are the real arrangements created by Eric himself, authored as full soundtrack songs and burned as an album. It's not a fan interpretation or anything else short of the real songs from the real composer.

2) This was personally crafted by Eric Brosius from the original audio, meaning that unlike the 22khz audio files from the shipping game this release is CD quality.

3) The audio quality is much higher than what's out there; I've ripped this from the original CD and have encoded it at 320 q0 mp3.

Basically, this is not only the best quality version of the soundtrack, it's the version of the soundtrack that Eric Brosius himself created. It's not a fan compilation; this is the real deal.

And in case you have any doubt, remember that I'm the one who also posted the real Thief: Deadly Shadows soundtrack here.


More information.

Digital Nightfall April 28th, 2007 11:32

I've uploaded the soundtrack to our file server.…em_shock_2.zip

That's a direct link… no messing with funky megaupload oddness.

Thanks for the coverage. :)

~ Dan, TTLG

txa1265 April 28th, 2007 16:33

Hehe … I saw that while mentioning the Thief Deadly Shadows soundtrack yesterday but got too excited about listening and forgot to post it! And thanks for the new hosting!

Stanza April 28th, 2007 20:28

Must be a popular download. It took repeated attempts to connect to Digi's link, and more than 4 hours to download a 228 MB zip.

Strangely, though, the resulting zip only contains 114 MB of mp3s. Was this a server hic-cup, or is the original file twice as large as it should be?

Stormwaltz April 28th, 2007 22:11

I admit it; I've never played SS2. However, I've been a fan of Eric Brosius' old band, Tribe, since high school.

Corwin April 29th, 2007 02:50

Well, go out and play the game immediately!! :) Both SS games are excellent.

Gorath April 29th, 2007 04:58

I only played SS2 years ago - and I didnīt like it. I have to admit though that itīs a very intense game with a unique atmosphere. Just not my cup of tea.

JDR13 April 29th, 2007 06:20


Originally Posted by Gorath (Post 27096)
I only played SS2 years ago - and I didnīt like it. .

Blasphemy!! :)

Alrik Fassbauer April 29th, 2007 23:35

I played a demo of one of both parts.

It was all too gloomy for my taste. Otherwise it was a nice game.

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