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Dhruin July 21st, 2012 03:03

Joystiq - An RPG fan's guide to the Steam Sale
Anyone who likes Steam should be watching the Summer Sale at the moment for some bargains and Joystiq's Rowan Kaiser has rounded up suggestions for RPG fans. Of course, the best deals are daily and flash sales, which are unpredictable, but there are also sale-long deals.
More information.

Zloth July 21st, 2012 03:03

Risen is on flash sale right now!

Gorath July 21st, 2012 06:14

Vampire: Bloodlines too! And all flavours of Fallout 3 incl. FO:NV Ultimate. Not to forget the Witcher 2.

Xian July 21st, 2012 18:08

I picked up a few this sale. Krater was on a daily deal, and I got Avernum, Eschalon:Book 2, and both Ys Games. Most of the big name titles I had already played, like the Fallout games, Witcher series, and Risen/Risen 2.

The one I was hoping would go on sale was Kingdoms of Amalur, but since 38 Studios went backrupt there probably isn't anyone at the company to authorize the sale. They had a separate contract with Steam than the one with EA, and I think the State of Rhode Island is the actual owner at this time, and probably nobody there has a clue on what a Steam sale is. I could get it on Amazon, but that one requires Origin, and I would prefer to have the Steam version.

Daddy32 July 22nd, 2012 23:22

Beware, Risen (1) has "3 machine activation limit" - in addition to the Steams classic DRM. Also, these activations supposedly do not ever reset.
Risen 2 has Steam DRM only.

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