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Dhruin July 26th, 2012 01:26

Legend of Grimrock - Rapid Programming
Over at the Grimrock blog is a new "Making Of" article, this time talking about the programming:

In this weekís chapter of ďmaking of GrimrockĒ Iím going to talk about programming. This might be a little lengthier post and more technical and therefore probably not for everybody, so itís fine if you want to just skim ahead! http://www.grimrock.net/wp-includes/…icon_smile.gif
First a bit of background. Iíve been programming for more than 20 years, starting from Basic on the venerable C64, moving on to AMOS, 68000 assembly and C on the Amiga, and after that Iíve been programming mostly in C++ for the past 10 years or so. Iíve also tried other programming languages such as Scheme, Java, D, Objective-C and Python (although very briefly). Today games are written mostly in C++ because it has very good performance but more importantly in my opinion because it is the de facto standard, in other words almost all libraries and tools (especially on the consoles) are geared towards C++ development.
More information.

Xian July 26th, 2012 01:26

Now there is something I haven't heard reference to in ages - AMOS. I used to play around with it on the Amiga. I never made the jump from Basic type languages to anything else, but really didn't want to code for anything but a hobby.

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