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Dhruin August 8th, 2012 23:51

Legend of Grimrock - Weekly Update
Almost Human has a general wrap of the week, talking about one of their team injuring themselves, merchandise sales and - of course - the editor:

The dungeon editor is also progressing well. I know there’s a lot of folks out there who have been asking if using custom assets, like new environment graphics, monsters, sounds, items etc., would be possible and I’m glad to say that we have now solved all remaining issues with those! I’m sure we’ll see a lot of awesome new fan made graphics and other things of immeasurable beauty http://www.grimrock.net/wp-includes/…icon_smile.gif . There’s also a handful of usability improvements like better filtering of the asset list (no more scrolling, yay!) and we think we could call the editor pretty much feature complete. This means that it’s now possible to do everything necessary with the editor to create functional custom dungeons but there’s still a few improvements we want to make and we’ll also have to update the game itself a little so you can load the custom dungeons there. But all in all, we’re very close to the finish line here!
More information.

Xian August 8th, 2012 23:51

I just finished the game last weekend - I got it release day but wanted to finish some others on my backlog. I am looking forward to the editor and being able to do some more dungeon crawling in Grimrock. It's the rare game that I still want more when I finish, usually by that time I am ready to move on to something else, but Grimrock was one I enjoyed right up to the end.

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