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Zaleukos August 12th, 2012 16:36

AI settings to stop smite evil
I've taken out the game for another spin, and keep running into issues with the retarded AI and camera settings (both expected).

There is one thing that bugs me though: My paladin character keeps using smite evil against enemies while under AI control. I dont seem to be able to stop this behaviour. These are my AI settings:

Puppet: Off
Follow dist: Near
Disarm traps: Off
Recover traps: Off
Defend Master: Off
Guard distance: Default
Open locks: Off
Automatically open locks: Off
Automatically pick up items: Off
Stealth Mode: Not stealthy
Automatic Hiding: Off
Spellcasting: Off
Dispel Spells: Off
Item usage: Off
Use healing and curing items: Off
Ability usage: Off
Combat mode usage: Off
Summoning: Off
Polymorph: Off
Ranged Weapons: Off
Back away: On
Disable melee attacks: Off
Auto summon familiars: Off
Auto summon companions: Off
Ally damage: Low
Peaceful follow: On
Self buff or heal: Off
Knockdown: Off
Auto set of companion behaviour: Off
Enemies auto cast buffs: Off
Warlock one round hideous blow: Off
Monster ally damage: Off

Now I suspect that among all those redundant settings there are quite a few that simply dont work. I'm not sure about the terminology, but I suspect that smite evil should be an ability.

Are there any good mods that will fix the problem?

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