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Dhruin August 14th, 2012 23:25

Wasteland 2 - Interviews @ Eurogamer, GamesIndustry
Eurogamer has a few comments from Colin McComb on the news of his joining the Wasteland 2 team:

"What Wasteland 2 means to me?" McComb went on. "It means a re-examination of the foundation of the genre, a reminder that role-playing games are actually about making choices and seeing those choices culminate in a dramatically satisfying and logical ending. The original Wasteland was visionary; there's a good reason why people remember it so well so many years later. Seeing player choice honoured and validated, rewarding replay, and full character personalisation is a reminder of how exciting and immersive RPGs can be.
"Getting to work with the original creators and so many of my Interplay pals… I don't think I can do justice to my feelings without slipping into purely joyful profanity. What I will say is that after my call with Brian, I ran downstairs and jumped around in a circle with my kids. (I refrained from swearing there, too, I need to add)
"Now that I've got even more documentation and information to look through, I'm suddenly realising what I've signed up for. Man, this is going to be a hell of a challenge, and I mean that entirely in a good way. The best way, in fact."
…and GamesIndustry caught up with Brian Fargo for a full article-style interview:

Development on Wasteland 2 is moving rapidly, with multiple writers (including Chris Avellone, Michael Stackpole and Liz Danforth) creating scenarios. "The story now is 900 pages long," said Fargo. How does that compare to the original Wasteland? "It's much bigger," Fargo noted. "I'm doing one of the smaller maps, and I'm at 40 pages so far, and I'm not verbose. It's a lot of content. What if I rescue the kid? What if I don't rescue the kid? That's what everybody wants."
The project is large in scope, with many moving parts. Fargo is pleased with the team that's assembled, but is the schedule on track? "It's still too early to tell," Fargo admitted. "I'm very happy with the team; we have three or four ace programmers and the designers are having trouble keeping up with them. The design is the biggest short-term concern. We've just signed up three other writers."
More information.

Vindicator August 14th, 2012 23:25

Another day, another interview… Yes, marketing and positive press is important, but why don’t you wait until you have something to show… after all, we're paying for those interviews; Let's get those noses to the grindstone.
Someone please send Brian Fargo a whip… :whip:
Better yet, a big boot with some "Kick Start Me!" post-it notes.

ChienAboyeur August 15th, 2012 10:42

Taking the same path as Bioware: roleplaying is about making choices and seeing those choices culminate in a dramatically satisfying and logical ending.

So while this studio speaks of reviving RPG, they are also entrapped in the latest references to "RPGs", leading them to copy what is being done and therefore they could not hope to do what they are claiming to do: that is reviving RPG.

At current command over cRPG genre, it is unlikely that a party based game can be a RPG. This studio might revive turn by turn played skirmish games.

And they will deliver on their story requirements as they are free from exporting saves to another episode, meaning they can provide as different outcomes as they wish to.

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