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HiddenX August 24th, 2012 22:44

Fixing the Serana wait glitch via the console
If Serenas dialog "Come with me" is missing when she's waiting somewhere -
here's the fix:

Unlike followers from the vanilla game, Serana's dialogue does not check the normal follower quest, but certain quest variables in the quest "DLC1NPCMentalModel".

You can take a look at your Quest variables with the console command "sqv DLC1NPCMentalModel".

The following conditions must be met, for her to be available as a follower: CanFollow_var = True / IsFollowing_var = False / IsWaiting_var = True / TurnOffComeWithMe_var = False / LockedIn_var = False

In my case the glitch was triggered by the LockedIn_var being set to True.

You can change the variable by typing "setpqv DLC1NPCMentalModel LockedIn_var False".

You should check all 5 variables in your game, by scrolling through the console with the Up- and Down-Arrow keys.

Leonardo7th October 1st, 2012 03:30

You're like the only one on the internet who'd posted a valid fix for Serana's delicate "issue", I've searched thoroughly.
I decided to try and set her dismissed state to true since she was neither dismissed nor following which didn't make sense, and setting her to waiting didn't help but setting her to dismissed then asking her to follow finally worked. Many many thanks! :)

Couchpotato October 1st, 2012 05:18

Thanks for the info I had the same happen to a few other companions in the game also.

IHateTheSeranaGlitch July 23rd, 2013 00:56

Is there anyone to edit files via the 360 by putting it on a USB or something? I've looked EVERYWHERE and this guy is the only one that can solve it for any console so maybe you know something about the 360?

HiddenX July 23rd, 2013 08:54

Sorry, I don't have the XBox 360.

Maybe this works:

Skyrim: "How to Mod Skyrim Xbox 360 " 100% Working !
  1. transfer the Skyrim save game file to a PC via a USB Thumbe Drive
  2. fix it on the PC
  3. transfer the save game file back to the XBox

You need a PC with Skyrim for this, maybe a friend can help.

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