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Myrthos August 31st, 2012 19:51

Torchlight II - Release Date Set
Draekos let us know that an announcement was made on the Runic Games forums that Torichlight II will be released on September the 20th 2012.
More information.

rossrjensen August 31st, 2012 19:51

Jeez, coming right up!

SadExchange August 31st, 2012 19:58


Originally Posted by rossrjensen (Post 1061159498)
Jeez, coming right up!

And 2 days after the release of Borderlands 2. Ugh.

Thrasher August 31st, 2012 22:34

And just in time before the end of summer. ;)

Gokyabgu September 1st, 2012 15:20

I hope they will release it on gog.com. It's the perfect platform for indie and middle sized studios' games.

Carnifex September 1st, 2012 19:13

I think it would do quite good on GoG. The price point would be a big help as well.


bloodlover September 1st, 2012 20:11


Originally Posted by SadExchange (Post 1061159499)
And 2 days after the release of Borderlands 2. Ugh.


choovuck September 2nd, 2012 03:52

they probably didn't realize that about Borderlands 2 and BG. They'll likely postpone it again just like they did it when Diablo was coming out. "we want the game to be perfect and release when it's ready". In other words, "we are very afraid of competition" :/

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