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Dhruin September 2nd, 2012 05:55

Shadowrun Returns - First look at characters and cityscapes
Kotaku has some "screenshots" and art from Shadowrun, with input from Jordan Weisman on what each slide represents. You'll have seen some of this previously but it's refreshing to see a developer explaining their marketing screens:

"So where do these characters live, work, and die? Glad you asked. The next couple of images represent our visual target for the exterior environments in Shadowrun Returns.
"All these scenes where built with actual game assets, but they were assembled in Photoshop rather than the game engine (which is still in development). The art team added a couple of bells and whistles which we hope make it into the game (like the localized lighting effects) but overall this is the look that we are shooting for on desktop computers and tablets.
"The Stuffer Shack scene is composed with the actual in-game character models so you can get a sense of how the 2D environments and 3D characters merge. The art team took a little liberty with the posing of the characters (which might not be quite as dynamic given that it's a turn based game) but we think it's within the realm of their creative license. The scene roughly depicts our camera zoom level on tablet. When playing on a desktop machine, you'll be able to set your window to show a larger scene. (Time to invoke a classic game development caveat: this zoom level, like most elements of our design is subject to change.)"
More information.

CountChocula September 2nd, 2012 05:55

Really looking forward to this one. I used to own all the source books and played quite a bit as a kid.

darkling September 2nd, 2012 17:23

I'm such a jerk I didn't back the Kickstarter.

Nice art, though! Hopefully the game turns out great. Then I'll buy it. :D

figment September 4th, 2012 08:02

They posted a more in depth version here:


I initially didn't like the graphics but I think if done well this will be really nice. Glad I backed it.

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