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Myrthos September 9th, 2012 20:42

Expeditions: Conquistador - Preview @ The Plagued Gamer
The Plagued Gamer has a 1 hour video showing the gameplay of Expeditions: Conquistador with the voice of Jonas from Logic Artists.
More information.

figment September 9th, 2012 20:42

Good video. Jonas gives quite a bit of insight into the game. Too bad this was not released a couple of weeks ago they would have probably done even better on the kickstarter campaign.

Starts with character creation, gameplay starts around 14m, first combat around 23m, overworld around 40m. Glad to hear that the hex based grid is gone after seeing it. It would probably drive me crazy to use that for overworld travel but is fine for combat.

The dialog sounds pretty good and they admit it is text heavy game and they are not afraid to hit us with a lot of it which I'm ok with as long as its compelling. I also like the color highlighting that they use which makes it easier to read though I think I prefer that each answer would reset the text box but still be able to scroll up to review rather than always scroll downward.

By the way it is at $69,871 so I think we can call it funded with 3 days to go. They have also changed the stretch goals to be more fine-grained and lower overall.

Edit: Someone just upped their pledge so its an even $70,000. I guess its funded now.

Capt. Huggy Face September 9th, 2012 21:50

:spotlight-left: :party::party2: :spotlight-right:

Glad they made it.

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