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Dhruin September 11th, 2012 16:43

Obsidian Entertainment - Project X Teased
Obsidian is teasing "Project X", with the main web page replaced with a snake insignia and the number "4", along with an uncredited quote.
Clicking through takes you to the Obsidian forums - specifically for "Project X Speculation & Discussion" It goes on to say "This is a forum for Obsidian's next RPG endeavor. So secret not even its project codename is yet being revealed. Speculate here…".
So, speculate away!
More information.

stealth September 11th, 2012 16:43

Well, if 4 is in any way referring to a fourth installment in a series then I can't think of anything besides Fallout or Dungeon Siege. However the teaser does not indicate it to be a new Fallout game and I don't think Dungeon Siege III did well enough to warrant a sequel.

[EDIT:] It appears that 4 is referring to number of days before something will be revealed.

Avantenor September 11th, 2012 17:03


“What do the words mean? Nothing. The Dirge of Er Glanfath is sound without form, a lone voice crying out in mourning because it must.”
So, let the rumours begin. Sounds elvish.

JemyM September 11th, 2012 17:04

That said, the Project X music is very good :)

Drithius September 11th, 2012 17:07


Originally Posted by Avantenor (Post 1061160835)
So, let the rumours begin. Sounds elvish.

Aye, Eir Glanfath definitely sounds elvish.

ChaosTheory September 11th, 2012 18:29

Gasp! Neverwinter Nights 3?? That would totally rock…

TheMadGamer September 11th, 2012 18:57

A news announcement about a coming news announcement masquerading as a puzzle. I'm not biting.

Von Paulus September 11th, 2012 19:40


One little piece of information that was slipped to me call it "insider information" if you like, or call it something to take with a grain of salt is that whatever this game is, it's likely to be a PC-exclusive title, and something of a "crowd pleaser" for fans of hardcore RPG gaming.

^^ ^^ :D

Falchor September 11th, 2012 19:52

I'd put a large sum of money down that it is a countdown timer to announce the Wheel of Time RPG they were scheduled to do previously, but that they put on hold. Just look at the serpent ring on this page for proof:

I'm not a "huge" Robert Jordan fan, although I did read several of the novels and always felt they'd make a good RPG. I also suspect they are using the existing Onyx engine to create it.

I just hope it's not an MMO.

azarhal September 11th, 2012 20:34


Originally Posted by Von Paulus (Post 1061160855)

PC exclusive? Have Obsidian turned indie, because I don't think this is possible otherwise.

Avantenor September 11th, 2012 21:28

It is a counter, the site has changed to 3, with a new Text:

"The book unread is unwritten. The reason we don't explain it is the reason we use it. Its power is in its mystery. That is the Leaden Key, in part, in whole. Is it clear?"

"Digging for truth buries the seeker."

<!--. X . X X . T X -->
<!-- Two centuries ago, your divine champion told the people of Dyrwood to grovel at his feet. If you've come on pilgrimage to the blasted crater that was our reply, Godhammer Citadel is *that* way. -->

Misha September 11th, 2012 21:30

hmmm there is Esenath… curious if it is sth connected to: "Asenath ( /ˈsɨnθ/; Hebrew: אָסְנַת, Modern Asənat Tiberian ʼĀsənạṯ) or Asenith (in modern times sometimes transliterated as Osnat) is a figure in the Book of Genesis (41:45.50; 46,20), an Egyptian woman whom Pharaoh gave to Joseph son of Jacob to be his wife. The daughter of Potipherah, a priest of On, she bore Joseph two sons, Manasseh and Ephraim, who became the patriarchs of the Israelite tribes of Manasseh and Ephraim." tho even if it is.. it do not tell me anything xD

DeepO September 11th, 2012 22:02

Hopefully an original IP.
Something inspired by celtic or norse mythology maybe.
Tir Na Nog RPG would rule :).

Arkadia7 September 11th, 2012 22:04

whatever. this hype is already ridiculous, and the game isn't even announced. I'm already starting to hate this game!

Alrik Fassbauer September 11th, 2012 22:22


What do the words mean? Nothing. The Dirge of Er Glanfath is sound without form, a lone voice crying out in mourning because it must.

Originally Posted by Avantenor (Post 1061160835)
So, let the rumours begin. Sounds elvish.

Sounds to me like :

"Woodruff and the Schnibble of Azimuth"

Avantenor September 11th, 2012 22:35

Also a good game. ^^

Alrik Fassbauer September 11th, 2012 23:14

Yeah ;)

Gokyabgu September 11th, 2012 23:44

I hope they will return to their roots with this game rather then making half-baked console games like Dungeon Siege 3. I still have hope for IWD3.

Drithius September 12th, 2012 00:10

I wonder how much money they'd need from Kickstarter pledges for an IWD3…?

Elisstar September 12th, 2012 00:17

I'm pretty sure it's a Sword of Truth RPG, based on the books of Terry Goodkind. Even in the Project X forum speculation, the first post I saw was a user name Zed - one of the main characters, and the last line mentions the Seeker, the hero of the series.

Not sure how I feel about this, honestly. I only read the first book.

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