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Dhruin September 13th, 2012 19:37

Expeditions: Conquistador - Kickstarter Ends
The Kickstarter campaign for Expeditions: Conquistador wrapped up a few hours back, with a total of $77,247 raised. That means the first stretch mini-goal was raised but we didn't quite make "Choose passive abilities for your followers every time you level up" - perhaps there will be a little flexibility to develop this feature anyway.
More information.

Santos September 13th, 2012 19:38

I'm all for rounding up.

Carnifex September 13th, 2012 20:04

Be a good sport, toss in those passive abilities, imo!!


Trelow September 13th, 2012 22:13

If they would have ended it on payday, instead of a day before, they would have gotten my money. Look at the calendar people!

Nova September 13th, 2012 22:38

We'll be setting up a Paypal soon, so people can still pledge.
Also, we explained on the comment section, but it bears repeating; We don't consider the passive abilities to be one big feature that must be implemented whole-sale or not at all, so we'll be putting the remaining pledges towards getting as many passive abilities in as we can.

Carnifex September 13th, 2012 22:56

And just for sayin that, I'm going to up my pledge!! I like good customer service.


Nova September 13th, 2012 23:19

We aim to please :)

Trelow September 13th, 2012 23:22

Excellent news.

kuki September 14th, 2012 00:04

Nova will CE be available in retail after you launch the game? thx

Nova September 14th, 2012 00:29

If you mean stores and so on, I don't really have an answer for you, as it's something we have yet to discuss and I personally don't know how difficult that would be to set up. I'm pretty sure we'll probably sell the boxed version on our website though.

kuki September 14th, 2012 00:39

tnx for answer. I hope you make great success with this game which will provide you with the means to make more great games :) and do what you like to do :)

Capt. Huggy Face September 14th, 2012 04:43

Congrats on a successful Kickstarter, Nova. As I'm sure you know, not all of them are. I was certainly routing for you, and you got my money.

Nova September 15th, 2012 01:32

Thank you for your support, Capt. Huggy Face :)
We were all quite aware of the amount of failures, which meant our nerves was on our sleeves for the duration. I believe I read somewhere that the success rate for video games is only 23%.

BillSeurer September 15th, 2012 02:52

Congratulations! You got some money from me despite me swearing to myself just last month I was not going to support any more Kickstarters this year…

Nova September 15th, 2012 14:25

We appreciate it, thank you :)
How do you feel about the Obsidian Kickstarter though?

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