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Dhruin October 20th, 2006 11:37

Gothic 3 - Review @ HonestGamers
A site called HonestGamers has a presumably honest review of Gothic 3.
There is mention of bugs and stunlock but the advantages outweigh
the problems, with a final score of 9/10:
Within the folds of the orc camp, I found myself constantly having to fight my way through a number of arenas or see off roving bandits to prove my mettle as a handy combatant, gaining enough respect to rise through the ranks of warriors. Honour and riches were mine all on the strength of my blade but before I did this, I paid a visit to the rebel hideout, where I found I would need to clear a woodland area out of viscious boars that had plagued a small camp with nocturnal attacks. Feeling confident in returning to the ragtag resistance group with a few meaty carcasses, I trotted off to the forest and was promptly beaten senseless by the cranky critters.
More information

Maylander October 20th, 2006 11:37

A good review, he's really got a good point with the long/short weapon VS animals. In my most recent game I've tried using long, 2h weapons, and the boars that are normally very hard are now very easy in fact.

A little note - why did he write that you can't die through the first half of the game? The immortality lasts the first 30 minuttes or so, not more, as far as I know.

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