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Myrthos October 3rd, 2012 20:55

Arakion - Funded and Updates
With still 3 days to go, Arakionhas been funded on Kickstarter. We have misses some updates on the game, so here is a collection:

  • Pet types are feline, canine, arachnid and a unique Arakion pet
  • Each pet can acquire special abilities (carrying healing crystals things like that)
  • Pets start with 3 energy, allowing 3 uses per dungeon before recharging.
  • 4 Passive and 4 Active specializations for each class
  • 1 Passive specialization for each skill
  • Active specializations are supplemental minor skills like healing for a warrior

  • Additional reward tiers receive the helms from previous tiers
  • More backer only helms will be announced soon
  • There will be aesthetic headgear you can find in the game

Now down to business, first up on the agenda is the announcement of the discounted prices of the high end tiers. This will probably run through the rest of Kickstarter and starts at the $1,250+ level. They have been discounted by about 50% so if you had any interest in having a hand at creating content for the game now is your chance to get on it!
Stretch Goals

Next up is the change in stretch goals. A lot of people really wanted to see the card game and the infinity tower in the game. So the card game is now 30k and the tower is 35k, if you hit those stretch goals I'll work overtime to make sure they're in the game for you! I'll be announcing the new 42.5k stretch goal as soon as the card game is met!
The Seeker

Finally is the big announcement of the final class (for now) called The Seeker. The Seeker is is a gatherer of lost knowledge and a rogue. He deals substantial single target damage as well as finding hidden and rare blueprints (please note you can find these without the seeker, he's just good at it). He makes a great addition to any party and for anyone who is a completionist and has to find every hidden corner of the game, he's a must have.
The Seeker's skills include 2 Damage abilities as well as 2 gathering / finding abilities. His arsenal includes thin blades, daggers, shivs, crossbows and more. Later on today or tonight I'm going to be releasing an in depth analysis of The Seeker as well as concepts currently in production.
Before I get going I just want to mention that I'll be releasing 2-3 updates per day now through the end of the Kickstarter, and if you want to see those stretch goals met be sure to tell your friends about the game and spread the word!
More information.

SveNitoR October 3rd, 2012 20:55

Good! Will be interested to see how it ends up.

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