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aries100 October 11th, 2012 22:38

Game of Thrones - On Sale @ Steam
Borcanu writes in to share that Game of Thrones is on sale at Steam. You can get the Game of Thrones bundle at 75% off, and Game of Thrones game itself for 50% off. Both offers expires October 15th.
More information.

Xian October 11th, 2012 22:38

Has anyone here played these? The reviews are not very good so I wondered what others thought of it.

It seems strange that the bundle that includes both GoT Genesis and the GoT RPG is cheaper than the RPG alone.

azarhal October 11th, 2012 23:00

I played GoT RPG and I liked it. Although, keep in mind that it is sort of a "low budget" games.

What I mean by that is that beside the main story there isn't a lot of quests or content. It also have a strange storytelling with you playing 2 different characters in turn (until they team up). But the storyline is awesome (my opinion) and the VO excellent. Combat is RTw-pseudo-pause too, feel a bit like Dragon Age:Origins.

Saber-Scorpion October 11th, 2012 23:11

I haven't quite finished it yet, but so far I think it's better than the reviews say. Sure, it's low budget and looks and feels dated, but if you pretend it came out around 2005 or so, it's still a pretty good RPG. Rather linear, but with a good story, characters, atmosphere, and RTwP combat. It's more enjoyable if you're a fan of Game of Thrones, of course. Jeor Mormont and Lord Varys the Spider show up voiced by the actors from the show, and you get to play a warg Night's Watchman and a Red Priest Waterdancer, so…

Asdraguuhl October 11th, 2012 23:47


Originally Posted by Xian (Post 1061165143)
Has anyone here played these? The reviews are not very good so I wondered what others thought of it.

It seems strange that the bundle that includes both GoT Genesis and the GoT RPG is cheaper than the RPG alone.

I played it recently and liked it as well. But it is important to know what you are getting and especially what you are not getting.

It is a story driven game with lots of dialogues and you alternatively play with two predefined characters. Some people don't like it if they have a predefined character forced upon them but the advantage is that the developers can then design a better story involving that character and that is exactly what GoT does very well. I liked the story very much, especially the ending whose twist, which I admit, didn't see coming.

Have in mind that this is not an open world RPG and do not expect a high budget AAA game.

As already stated above, the combat is RTwP and I enjoyed its tactical aspects. To me, it felt like a mix between DA:O and KotOR. I do advise you to play on hard difficulty in order to benefit from the tactical aspects forcing you to use your skills wisely. A very good thing about the combat is that there is no grinding nor respawn, so you won't be wasting any precious life time :).

Simply put, the two main ingredients of this RPG are:
1. Story with lots of NPC interactions through dialogue
2. Combat scenarios

Any specifics you want to know? Just ask.

Dhruin October 11th, 2012 23:48

I wanted to get into it but just couldn't so far. I found the camera was always getting in my way for combat and (the early) areas are sparse with little exploration. It possibly improves and the story has been praised but I had better things needing my time.

Asdraguuhl October 11th, 2012 23:55


Originally Posted by Dhruin (Post 1061165149)
. and (the early) areas are sparse with little exploration.

Yes, this game is not about exploration. People expecting to wander freely to explore the surroundings will surely be disappointed.

Cacheperl October 12th, 2012 00:22

Yes, Camera is a **** in combat. But besides that I also agree about all the positive comments in here.

rooroosta October 12th, 2012 00:26

Are there any puzzles in the game? Or just mainly combat and cutscenes?


borcanu October 12th, 2012 00:32

can't remember any.
I enjoyed the game, and think its worth 20e. Fighting was ok, im sure there are some character builds that work cooler than others. Also liked the multiple ending part.

If i were to choose between this and Darksiders2.. (which is at the opposite pole) I'd go with this anyday. When you'll finish this, you will feel satisfaction guaranteed

Kostas October 12th, 2012 00:32

Don't remember any puzzles. I think I played the game with a gamepad so the camera felt much more natural.

Asdraguuhl October 12th, 2012 00:35


Originally Posted by rooroosta (Post 1061165159)
Are there any puzzles in the game?

Well, actually, there is one. If you are not too picky that one might suffice :).


Originally Posted by rooroosta (Post 1061165159)
Or just mainly combat and cutscenes?

This game isn't just alternating between cutscenes and combat encounters in a linear corridor. Outside of combat you can still walk around talking to NPCs.

rooroosta October 12th, 2012 01:33

Thanks a lot for the info..it's a toss up between this and Risen 2 for my cash.

BlackVoid October 12th, 2012 01:41

It has a good story, but combat is rather dull (repetitive and unimaginative). Drop the difficulty to casual and enjoy the story.

wolfing October 12th, 2012 01:56

I actually liked the game a lot, probably because I much prefer story-driven games than 'open world' games. The story was great, and I loved how the story progressed from different points of views depending on who I was playing at the time. I also liked the combat system a lot (probably just because I could pause and queue commands)

sakichop October 12th, 2012 02:51

I really liked it as well for all the reasons listed above. The combat is not true RTWP as
"Pausing" just puts you in slow mo, so you can't just pause and take as long as you want.

It does have lower production values but its perfectly acceptable IMO.

Between this and risen 2 i personally liked GOT more. better story and I liked the slower combat. My opinion of course.

KasperFauerby October 12th, 2012 12:39

I'm actually playing this game currently, and people have already summarized it rather well; great story and VO, interesting lore and conflicts, some choice and consequence, OK combat, extremely poor exploration (areas are often rather large, but almost completely empty and/or static). I will probably keep playing it, but only for the story…

In my opinion Risen 2 is *way* better (but it should also be noted that I think I enjoyed Risen 2 more than the average player). If you value a dynamic world, exploration, small secrets and lots of characters to talk to, then Risen 2 is the better choice .

Couchpotato October 12th, 2012 15:47

Risen 2 and Game of Thrones are both the same. Average rpg's and they both have flaws. I couldn't say which one to buy so just buy both as they should be cheap by now.:)

bpstrat October 12th, 2012 16:01

I just finished playing Game of Thrones yesterday, actually, and I really liked it. I don't have much to add that everyone else hasn't already said - great, mature story; interesting characters; good voice acting (especially Mors); good mood; linear gameplay; and enjoyable combat. It feels very true to the Game of Thrones license, and I couldn't help but feel I was going to be screwed from the very beginning, despite my best intentions. I played it on the Xbox 360, so keep that in mind.

If you like linear, story-driven RPGs, give it a try.

borcanu October 13th, 2012 01:08

i've bought it on amazon, faking a US billing address . hell yeah. living on the edge

i was wandering what to do with my gift card monee , and I picked this before Dark Souls - Of Orcs and Men.

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