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kyle1 October 20th, 2012 19:37

Great RPG Game!
Are you the best at online RPG games? Can you beat out over 150,000 other players!? Great RPG game unlike anyother you've ever played! Check it out!

Please click the link above! And You will be benefited in the game should you choose to continue your adventure!

joxer October 20th, 2012 19:43

1. bot alert
2. I went to check this link http://www.torn.com/

Yes without the ref number.
And what I've seen there smells like a common fraud.

kyle1 October 20th, 2012 20:03

No Fraud!
This is no fraud! Just an attempt to benefit my self in the game advertising the provided ref link. Also whoever uses the refferal link provided will be benefitted in the game too. It's a really fun game taking on the theme of GTA IV. Sign up today! Use my refferal link to get a head start!

joxer October 20th, 2012 20:33

But why didn't you post exactly that? Y'know "ppl please, I need some help with this game, yadda yadda yadda, maybe you'll also like it". ;)

And some more details on the game would also be nice. Many ppl don't have time for many games so you should always make things interesting otherwise they'll ignore it.

kyle1 October 21st, 2012 00:38

Yeah, I agree, I should of posted it worded differently. But okay, so like I said the game takes the theme of Grand Theft Auto 4 and captures it into an online RPG based game. You start out as a level 1 and you have little money and poor battle stats. And you grow you battle stats and and also your working stats and you become richer and your level coincides. You can do whatever you please in the game: join a gang, own a company ranging from more than 100 different types, Own your very own gang and recruit the best to bring your gang to the top, gamble in the casino including poker with other real players using game money, once you are rich you can work the stock market and let your money work for you but only if you are good with the stock market, you can bet on real world events like football games and soccer or even baseball and much more and all the money I'm talking about is "ingame" money. There are much more that I should add but I can't describe it all to you, I just incourage you to go try it out for free, you might even love it. And please use my referral link for both you and I will be benefited, a great head start on your adventure!

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