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Taclis October 22nd, 2012 17:43

FORCED brings co-op to Kickstarter!
We just went live with our Kickstarter project, and it's doing well (4% in 4 first hours). So I'm figuratively beaming with pride, and wanted to share this awesome moment in my life with the community.
Also, it would be nice to get some feedback and what we could do better, both on the game and the campaign, so gloves off, bring on the hurt
Link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/betadwarf/forced

Now I'll be the first to admit that we've focused more on co-op than story, but I think the skill customization, which I think is very deep, helps bring that personal touch back to your character!

Of course, any support and or spreading of the good news will be most welcome but I guess that goes without saying. We'll be taking a sip of cheap champagne once it hits 5%, and I'm very thirsty, so please help :P

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