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Myrthos November 5th, 2012 15:55

Dishonored - Review @ RPGCodex
A review of Dishonored showed up at RPGCodex describing its good and not so good points while recommending it to anyone who likes mission-based first person games with a focus on exploration and alternate ways to solve each mission

Due to the many different gameplay approaches Dishonored offers, it is also a very replayable game. You can play it as a pure stealth game, ghosting through the levels without killing anyone, or you can take your pistol and your sword and play it as an action game. The best thing about this is that your gameplay style actually affects the ending: the amount of people you kill directly contributes to the game’s “chaos level”: the more people you kill and havoc you wreak, the higher the chaos level. There are three endings to the game, depending on whether your chaos level is low, medium or high. The chaos level also changes some things in the missions themselves, so you will immediately see the results of your different playstyles. Generally, playing Dishonored as a straight action game will result in high chaos, playing it as a pure stealth game will result in low chaos, while playing it as a sort of hybrid where you stay stealthy and only fight back when you’re detected will result in medium chaos. This means that playing through the game three times to see all three endings is actually fun, since the different endings are a direct result of your playstyle, rather than being determined by binary dialogue choices or by siding with one faction or the other.
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Thaurin November 5th, 2012 15:55

As expected, hilarity ensues as people jump at each others throats about what constitutes and RPG and what should be reviewed on a website.


azarhal November 5th, 2012 16:00

^That is speedy popcorn eating.

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