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Dhruin November 8th, 2012 09:02

Mass Effect 3 - Omega DLC - first female Turian
Eurogamer writes the upcoming Omega DLC for Mass Effect 3 will offer two new party members - Aria T'Loak, the asari mob boss and Nyreen Kandros, the first female Turian seen in the series:

Nyreen is ex-turian military, but, despite this, she is a biotic (turian military hierarchy prohibits biotic powers). Her powers aren't as devastating as Aria's, but she's still useful in combat. Her Biotic Grenade ability does exactly what it says on the tin, and Biotic Protector raises a magic shield, useful for keeping her alive when the chips are down.
Condominas said designing Nyreen was quite a challenge. While a female turian did pop up in one of the Mass Effect comics, there was no video game reference point (and there are female turian soldiers in the game, but they're background soldiers who go unnoticed, apparently).
“We wanted to make sure the first time you see her you realise she's female and not a male turian, so we had to do a bit of work. We changed subtly some shapes to give her a smoother face. I can't wait for the players' feedback!”
More information.

Crilloan November 8th, 2012 09:02

And once again I remember why I wait 6 months from release to play a game, to get the complete experience. And Why Im pissed that I did not stand by my rule for this game.

I reiterate, in this age of DLC, minimum time to touch a game from release should be >6 months.

Yes, I know the DLC is optional, but Im a compulsory completionist and I want it all.., I enjoyed ME3 but there is no way Im restarting it in the next 6 months


Maylander November 8th, 2012 10:12

Interesting. I'll probably replay ME at some point in 2013, and this looks like a decent addition.

Update: Actually, now that I read the article more thoroughly.. it seems to be completely stand alone, and the new companions are only available during the mission to Omega. Bummer. I thought it was something like Kasumi for ME2.

Misha November 8th, 2012 12:53

When my blood stopped boiling after ME3 ending, I've decided to replay ME1 and ME2. The first game had an unique atmosphere. There was sene of exploration, it was fun to "restart" all these relationships with Garrus, Liara etc. And when I play ME2 it feels like a (huge) expansion pack to the ME1 -the most interesting thing for me about it was the geth quarian background…. it added sth to the lore, the baby terminator failed at that -.-.
And now this DLC which sounds interesting.. but it has one disadvantage. It will feel irrelevant coz of crappy ending. Someone can say: the awesome The Old World Blues DLC in FNV doesn't change anything too - well there is one difference: FNV ending could be better ofc but, for sure, it hadn't destroy the feeling that your actions have any matter. After completing the game you (your character) had a feeling that he did sth cool, the awareness of ME3 conclusion brings a feeling of "meh".

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