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Drithius November 12th, 2012 00:33

Ars Magica Project Update #7 - 6 days remain!
Thought I'd post about the latest Ars Magica update, featuring the combat UI! They still have quite a bit to go on funding, so this is also a bit of a Hail Mary pass…


Raggie November 14th, 2012 08:51

I am very sad to see this one fail.

zakhal November 14th, 2012 14:54

Looks interesting.

Drithius November 18th, 2012 21:41

last update:


31% Funded.

Sadly, this is not our hour.

First and foremost we want to thank each you, our patrons, for supporting our project. We didn't make it, but you all certainly fought for us. Your help, comments, advice and discussions brought this project closer to reality, and you have our gratitude and admiration. Atlas Games, too, brought every gun to bear, and were the ideal partner for this project.

We have heard the chorus of pleas for a second try, and we would like to, we would really like to. However, we cannot commit to it- our budget for speculative projects is small, and easily exceeded by the costs of a new campaign: after all, we somehow doubt you'd want to see the same video and screenshots again!

There may come a time when we are able to create an Ars Magica g ame with your help, but we reluctantly believe it will not be soon. Which is a tremendous pity, because we believe gaming needs new, unique role-playing experiences, with original mechanics, stories and settings. But then, we've built a company around that idea. It's possible we're biased.

Once again: thank you all for everything! It's been fun, educational and bittersweet, but it was an honor for the Team to work with you.
Alas, ain't that the truth :(

Sacred_Path November 19th, 2012 09:02

A real pity. One of the most interesting KS

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