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joxer November 13th, 2012 18:05

A few random quick news…
1. http://www.computerandvideogames.com…s-8-exclusive/
Microsoft says new DirectX 11.1 is reserved for Win8 and won't be released on Win7. The most important feature that should persuade us to switch to Win8 is native stereoscopic 3D support, means, no gfx cards with Nvidia 3D Vision or AMD HD3D needed.
Either Microsoft lost the compass (perhaps that's the reason Windows and Windows Live President Steven Sinofsky is leaving http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/news/…ncementPR.aspx ) or they honestly believe a common user cares for that and would buy Win8 because of it.

2. http://www.mmoculture.com/2012/11/pr…-set-for-asia/
According to a rumor, multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) genre will get yet another title. We should assume a role of any Marvel hero, team up with other heroes and use his/her powers to beat another team of heroes.
Based on millions that Riot is earning with LOL (League of Legends) this rumor could be true. What Riot did? They made that the only thing in the game you can buy with real money is skins. Your looks. You can customize everything for free, just not your looks.The rest stuff you can buy if you want to, but you can also unlock by playing the game. Unlike 99% of so called F2P that sell PLAYABLE parts of the game, not just skins. There is a bad part of this strategy, while Riot is earning millions, LOL community is probably the worst MMO community out there full of trolls.
The "PK project" game should "see the light" in 2014, and will it be F2P like Riot's child or like upcoming SW:TOR, we'll see.

Alrik Fassbauer November 13th, 2012 20:36

Ah, bah, that Microsoft Directx gamble is something we had first seen with Win Vista …

JDR13 November 13th, 2012 22:31

Yeah, read about it yesterday over at BluesNews. Disappointing, but it doesn't surprise me.

I was hoping Windows 7 would an OS that would last 7-8 years like WinXP, but that appears to be wishful thinking.

badmofo November 13th, 2012 23:40

I can't think of any modern games I've played that take advantage of anything above DX9 in any significant way.

And I'm assuming game developers are too sensible to limit their customer base by targeting a version of DX that not everyone has access to.

It's not a good look, but I don't see it being an issue.

Pladio November 14th, 2012 00:39

About LoL, it's not true about the skins. If you earn enough in-game points, you can also buy them.
Money basically gets you everything much, much faster.

joxer November 14th, 2012 00:45

Since when?
I stopped playing it a few months ago so maybe it's changed, but you could buy skins only with RP (LoL ingame currency that is actually taxfree and possibly illegal however noone bothers with such things yet). Everything else you could get without cash.
It's true that sometimes they have RP giveaway (like last christmas, IIRC everyone except trolls that were confirmed and punished by tribunal got 400-500), but well… :)

In any case, they've shown what F2P should really mean.

Hmmm, maybe I should peek and check… Or rather not. If I start it up, I'll get caught in it again. :(

Pladio November 14th, 2012 00:52

Yeah, I dropped DOTA for LoL. It seems less trolly than DOTA. Teams seem to work together even when completely bad. I've had a few people call me noob, but compared to how DOTA was, this is a very civilised game.

My game is being patched now, but then I'll play one game before bed time. :)

About skins, I know they're available, or at least some of them are cause I managed to get one. (Unless maybe I used the free Riot Points I was given - you're making me doubt myself now)

Pladio November 14th, 2012 00:57

Joxer, you're right…. I just checked. I probably bought one of the skins with the free RP points given after you pass level 5 or something…

joxer November 14th, 2012 01:02

IIRC you can get one Alistar skin for free if you do whatever needs to be done on facebook but I don't use social networks so dunno.
And I don't play Alistar. As he's basically a cow. ;)

It's possible some more are also free, but never bothered to check.

But the whole idea of that game is that you can't buy your victory. You can pay for customized looks on a champion you like, but to win, you need to be skilled. And you need a good team, of course.
Just by making things utterly different from WoW milk me monthly fraud and suspicious F2Ps milk me so I can win schemes, today they're making millions on basically a completely free game.

Alrik Fassbauer November 14th, 2012 14:05

I must say that I still don't understand the hype around DOTA ?
I'm honestly clueless. Can anyone enlighten me, please ?

joxer November 14th, 2012 14:32

The hype just started with DOTA, and then spread to the whole genre. If you check the new PC Gamer, it predicts that MOBA genre is a future of MMOs (I think, didn't buy it, but the cover says something like that).

Why the hype exactly… I'm not sure. Maybe because it's a completely new genre? But it's fun definetly.

Alrik Fassbauer November 14th, 2012 14:58

MOBAs consist of nothing but an PvP area ?

joxer November 14th, 2012 15:11

Although the area you're playing is a standalone map, it's in fact an arena, doesn't have to be PvP, if bots are implemented then it's also PvE.

Alrik Fassbauer November 14th, 2012 19:18

Ah, okay.

JDR13 November 14th, 2012 19:37


Originally Posted by badmofo (Post 1061170802)
I can't think of any modern games I've played that take advantage of anything above DX9 in any significant way.

And I'm assuming game developers are too sensible to limit their customer base by targeting a version of DX that not everyone has access to.

It's not a good look, but I don't see it being an issue.

I can think of quite few games that take advantage of DX10, but what qualifies as "significant" is obviously going to be subjective.

As far as developers targeting a DX version that not everyone has, it's already started to happen. Same thing with OS. The new XCOM for example.

joxer November 15th, 2012 14:42

A few more today…
IIRC Thrasher had some problems with registering EA games on EA… Maybe it's not a problem with the online store where he bought those games.

According to Eurogamer, EA Origin accs are still being hijacked:

Another one is about Black Ops 2. Seems that a part of boxed versions contained Mass Effect 2 installation disc inside?! It's reported on more than one site:
Steam forums - http://forums.steampowered.com/forum…php?p=33349751
Reddit - http://www.reddit.com/r/Games/commen…ack_ops_2_are/
CoD forums - http://community.callofduty.com/message/413513938

There is also a video on youtube that shows this:

How is it even possible that EA's game gets inside Activision's new game is not known yet, but Bioware reacted quickly - first 50 buyers who prove that got this "problem" are to be granted a free copy of ME trilogy:

joxer November 16th, 2012 22:51

A new one.
France is trying to persuade amazon and google into paying not a small sum - of taxes:

I really don't care for amazon and google taxes, honestly. What I do care is that many MMOs have parallel currencies that are tax free. Gold, silver, gems, diamonds, this points, that points, nuggets, whatever. And all those are practically tax free currencies.
I've stated a few times (maybe not on this site though) that today's MMOs contain the biggest fraud ever because of the perfectly legal money laundry system. Hopefully all of them will soon get postcards from different governments.

CrazyIrish November 17th, 2012 00:34

Direct X 10+ wasn't about updating functionality (on our end anyway), it was about supporting a new style of hardware architecture - Programmable vs Fixed Function.

darkling November 17th, 2012 00:47

There are a small handful of games that require Windows 7 cuz of DX10, right now. A very small one, but it's a thing. I doubt we'll see much REQUIRING DX11 for a few years, let alone 11.1.

joxer November 20th, 2012 18:29

A couple of new ones…

1. The MMO known outside of the fanbase only for having samesex marriages and removing them from the game later is faced with a lawsuit. Tolkien estate and its book publisher HarperCollins claim that Warner Bros., its New Line subsidiary and Rings/Hobbit rightsholder Saul Zaentz Co. have infringed the copyright in the famous books and breached a contract. Yes,, I'm talking about LoTR MMO:
The lawsuit sum is $80M. A pocketchange for MMO publishers, right? :)

2. Believe it or not, Bioware executive producer Casey Hudson is asking fans would they like to see a sequel or prequel of ME series. To vote, you need to do just a small thing - register on twitter:
Of course he's not asking should the game return back to ME1 values or it should continue with dumbing down, no sir.

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